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Decorative Pond Fountains

A pond fountain can put the final touch on your backyard masterpiece. Whether chosen for aesthetics or pure function, decorative pond fountains come in a variety of different sizes from a few feet high to a dramatic 20 feet or higher above the surface. In fact, decorative fountains often come with interchangeable spray nozzles that create a variety of spray patterns, from starbursts to cascading tiers to a single majestic jet.

Top Brands

Kasco Marine is a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in floating decorative and aerating fountains in addition to other products that promote healthy natural water environments. In business for over 40 years, they continue to grow in popularity. Their products have been best sellers for Living Water Aeration since 2004.

Otterbine is another experienced manufacturer of high-quality pond fountains and water aeration systems. Drawing from research in wastewater engineering and lake management, they have developed highly effective aeration systems that are safety-tested and approved.

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