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Scott Aerator Skyward Pond Fountain

Scott Aerator Skyward Pond Fountain

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Product Description

Pond Fountain Sizing Chart
Motor Size Rec. Pond Size Min. Depth
1/2 HP 1/2 Acre 36 Inches
1 HP 1 Acre 44 Inches
1.5 HP 1.5 Acre  50 Inches
3 HP 2.5 Acre (+) 60 Inches

Elevate the aesthetic and ecological health of your pond or lake with the Scott Aerator Skywards Pond Fountain. This fountain is available in models ranging from 1/2 HP to 3 HP, designed to suit any setting from small garden ponds to expansive lakes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spectacular Vertical Spray: The Skywards Fountain is known for its impressive, cone-shaped spray that reaches up to 35 feet, creating a dramatic centerpiece in any water feature.
  • Enhanced Aeration: By circulating water and increasing air exposure, the fountain helps to oxygenate the water, promoting a healthy aquatic environment and reducing algae growth.
  • Pleasing Acoustic Effects: The sound of cascading water not only adds a tranquil ambiance to your space but also masks background noise, creating a peaceful retreat.
  • Durability and Quality: Made with a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, the Skywards Fountain offers longevity and eco-friendly operation, proudly manufactured in the USA.

What’s Included:

  • High-Performance Pump: Each fountain is equipped with a powerful, oil-free motor designed for continuous operation.
  • Submersible Cable: Includes 100 feet of heavy-duty, 12-gauge submersible cable, with longer lengths available upon request.
  • 5-Year Motor Warranty: Comes with an unconditional warranty for peace of mind and reliability.

Maintenance and Installation:

  • Easy Installation: The Skywards Fountain is designed for easy setup. It can be quickly installed with basic tools and includes comprehensive installation instructions.
  • Low Maintenance: Engineered for hassle-free upkeep, requiring minimal maintenance so you can enjoy the beauty without constant care.
  • Flexible Anchoring: Requires two nylon ropes and appropriate weights or concrete blocks for secure and stable installation (not included).

Ideal for Every Setting: Whether it’s a private residential pond or a grand commercial water feature, the Skywards Pond Fountain adapts to any environment. Its range of power options ensures that there is a perfect model to meet the specific needs of your water feature’s size and aesthetics.

Upgrade Your Pond Today: Choose the Scott Aerator Skywards Pond Fountain for a reliable, stunning water display that enhances both the beauty and the biological health of your pond or lake. Order now to bring a touch of elegance and serenity to your outdoor space.