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Collection: Weed Rakes

Weed Raker - weighing less than 7 lbs, it is light enough to toss 55 feet away. The rake head is hollow and can be filled with floating material to make it float, or with gravel or other weighted material to make it dig deeper. The Weed Raker is the best tool in the industry to pull in free floating weeds like water hyacinth, Selvina, Bladderwort and etc.

Deluxe Rake - This 36" wide aluminum rake comes with a two piece, 11' long, rustproof, powder coated aluminum handle, detachable polyethylene float and 20' of rope. Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation  and algae from the pond surface or remove float to use on pond bottom.

Super Weed Reaker - The Super WEED RAKE is 32" wide and features 8' long hardened rubber teeth which allow you to remove more weeds in less time! Rakes have a 5-1/2' handle and come complete with 100' of rope attached for use in large bodies of water.

Weed Cutter - The 28" wide AQUATIC WEED CUTTER makes short work of cleaning up weed infested beaches and  shoreline. The reversible, double-sided, serrated blade quickly cuts through even the thickest weeds. The 11' long, tow-piece handle disassembles for easy storage. Rust proof aluminum construction.

Easypro 32' Rake - There's no need to worry which side lands up when you throw this rake out into the pond since there's teeth on both sides! the 32" wide rake features seventeen 3" lonng teeth on each side of the rake, a baked-on, powder coat finish, and 25' of rope. An affordable and easy way to remove unwanted aquatic plants!

Pond Weed Razer - Remove your lake or Pond Weeds in minutes with the weed Razer. The Weed Razer is uniquely designed be the most efficient and effective tool made to cut and removing submerged lake and pond weeds like milfoil and hydrilla improved for 2008 with the patent pending weed Deflector.


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