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Collection: Windmill Pond Aerators

Let "nature" help aerate, circulate and destratify your pond! These wind driven aerators replace electric units that can cost between $30 to $50 per month to operate. In only a few short years these windmills will pay for themselves! Ideal for aerating remote ponds that do not have electricity nearby! 

The two types of Outdoor Water Solutions Windmills above are basically the same windmill, the main difference is that one includes a powder coating on it and the other one is galvanized steel. Both windmill pond aerators are priced to include a diffuser, 100' poly(non-weighted) tubing. The option to upgrade to weighted tubing is available in our individual product listing. Which ever direction you take in selecting your windmill we know that you will absolutely love how they bring new life to your pond!

windmill pond aerator galvanized

Outdoor Water Solutions Galvanized Windmills (12', 16', 20') - Galvanized wind-driven aerators are an eco-friendly solution to your aeration needs, helping to keep your pond clean and your fish healthy without the need for electric units. Large electric units can cost a fortune to operate, but these galvanized windmills cost nothing to run, and even pay for themselves. They are very useful for ponds that are far away from any source of electricity. They can pump up to 4.5 CFM in 15+ MPH winds and can be placed up to 1000' away from the pond edge and still provide plenty of aeration. The galvanized steel will last for years whatever the weather conditions.

pond aerator windmill powder coated

Outdoor Water Solutions Powder Coated Windmills (12', 16', 20') - The same as the galvanized windmills with a powder coating. Powder coated windmill aeration systems come in as choice of coated colors. These windmills allow eco-friendly aerating, keeping the pond clean and free from algae without the cost and difficulties of using electric units. They are especially useful for ponds or water features far from electricity. The windmills can pump up to 4.5 CFM in 15+ MPH winds, but can operate with as little as 3-5 mph winds. These windmills can be placed up to 1000' from the pond and still provide aeration. These powder coated windmills will reduce odor and help to circulate the water, even reducing ice during winter.

Windmill Freeze Control - Windmill freeze control is useful if you locate your windmill aerator away from the edge of the pond; during freezing weather condition, condensation in the pipeline can freeze and stop the windmill from working properly. The freeze control checks the line pressure and releases Ethanol alcohol through into the line if it starts to freeze. This melts the ice and normal operation can resume. The freeze control checks for freezing constantly, which is especially useful in winter to keep the aerator working constantly.


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