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Outdoor Water Solutions 3 Legged Windmill Pond Aerator Kit

Outdoor Water Solutions 3 Legged Windmill Pond Aerator Kit

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Product Description

Sizing Chart: Aerates Ponds up to 2 Acres
Max Depth Recommended Pond Size
5-8 feet  3/4 Acre
8-12 feet 1.5 Acres
12-18 feet 2 Acres

Wind-powered aerators are a great option if the remote location makes it impossible for you to use regular aerators that would need to be connected to electricity. If you buy Windmill Pond Aerator, you won’t have to pay for the utility costs! In the long run, you will even save money. The newer versions of windmills that you can find on our website have been improved in several ways:

  • Can pump up to 3 CFM of air in low winds - up to 4.5 CFM in 15+ MPH wind
  • Very easy and simple to assemble
  • Blades with rounded edges which improves airflow
  • Larger diaphragm and check valves for the increased airflow
  • Patent-pending technology decreases the wear and tear of bearings, which makes them more durable
  • Can aerate the water in winds as low as 3 MPH
  • Designed for up to 2-acre ponds

The 54'' diameter head has 12 blades and is self-governing in high winds. 18 gauge galvanized steel parts won’t be damaged by cold or hot temperatures and will work for long years. All parts have oval holes to make the assembly easier.

Windmill Price Includes: 

  • 1 20' Windmill with the patent-pending "BalCam II" Technology with stainless steel elements
  • 1 roll of non-weighted 50' airline
  • 1 air stone
  • 1 set of pivot points for easier maintenance
  • 1 hose connector packs

You won’t find a kit with this much air and this many accessories for the same price! Highly recommended for 1-acre ponds but can can aerate up to 2 acres if you have adequate depths (see chart below).

Windmill Install Specifications:

Dig three holes for each leg 3 ft deep

put 4ft rod that comes with the kit in the center and cement it

12' windmill leg to leg 63 inches 

16' windmill leg to leg 82 inches 

20' windmill leg to leg 100 inches 

24' windmill leg to leg 119 inches 

Blades tip to tip 6.1 feet long

18 gauge steel legs

Windmill CFM

0.5 CFM  5MPH

2 CFM  10MPH

3 CFM  15MPH

4.5 CFM  30MPH

- Doesn’t require electricity to aerate in as little as 3-5 mph winds.  A single system can aerate ponds that are up to 2-3 acres in size.  When it comes to larger ponds, you can use several systems. If you are working with wider/shallower ponds, you can use one system, but it’s best to use multiple airstones so that the oxygen will be dispersed more efficiently. Using the OWS Selector valves, you can easily regulate the oxygen to each airstone. 

"BalCam" Technology -  With this patent-pending technology, a single diaphragm with a balanced camshaft system can produce more air. The workload is distributed on 3 sealed bearings, which makes the bearings much more durable.

Manufacturing - The product is manufactured in the USA. Each piece is cut to order, and the system is assembled in the Outdoor Water Solutions facility.

Assembly - Oval holes for quick alignment make the assembly quicker. Additionally, rounded corners increase safety.

Angle Cut Blades - Can operate even with winds as low as 3 MPH. The wings are longer than those of the competitors, allowing the windmill to catch more air. Total head width is 73", which means that it is the largest head currently on the market!

One Piece Hub Assembly - There are only several parts that need to be assembled, which makes the process quicker. The one-piece hub uses two locking collars and a through bolt at the end of the compressor shaft. You can install the head on the shaft in several minutes, and it will stay put. Squeeze clamps, which are sometimes used, can take over an hour to install and can loosen over time.

Larger Compressor 1/2" Piston Stroke and 10" Diaphragm - Produces the air efficiently, and will serve you for a long time. It can run up to 3 different diffusers and aerate ponds from 1/4 acre up to 3 acres in size.

Self-governing Heat and Tail fin design  - Tail fin was designed in a way to capture the maximum air. It will also turn out of excessive winds to protect the windmill from damages.

3-Sided Tower Design - The three-sided tower that allows the users to lower and raise the windmill is designed to make the maintenance and repairs easier. All that you need are 3 ground and mounting locations. Available in 12', 16' and 20' heights. 

Secure Locking Mechanism - It is possible to attach the windmill head to the shaft. 

5-Year Warranty - The warranty covers all major mechanical defects inside the compressor for a full five years. When it comes to the other components of the windmill, they are covered for a period of 3 years against defects in workmanship or materials.

Why Buy an Outdoor Water Solutions Aeration Windmill?
  • Reduces algae, bacteria 
  • Gets rid of odors
  • Circulates stagnant water
  • Creates a healthy ecosystem
  • No pond freezing