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Extend you Kasco fountain display into the evening with light kits from Kasco. Kasco's WaterGlow Lighting dramatically illuminates your pond fountain or surface aerator. Available in multiple color options, these versatile LED lights are a perfect addition to your fountain display. 

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Collection: Kasco Fountain Light Kits

Take your water display to the next level with our stunning range of Kasco LED Fountain lights.

Why only limit the enjoyment of your fountain to the daytime when you can enjoy it just as much or even more with stunning lighting effects by extending your outdoor time into the evening or nighttime.

One customer has described it as a 'work of art' and that's pretty much what you can experience with the canvas of colors and patterns that your fountain will produce.

You can choose from 3 or 6 light options as well as color-changing fountain lights that you can sync to music for an even more amazing experience.

Kasco's cutting edge LED Lighting products are cost-effective and energy-efficient, you can experience the delights of enchanting lighting without the worry of an expensive electric bill.

LED bulbs are highly efficient, rather than energy being used towards the production of heat it is used for the production of light. This means there is no need to submerge the bulb as you do with standard underwater pond lighting. This increases the eye-catching visual impact of Kasco's fountain lights.

Size is no barrier either small or large your garden pond can benefit from this amazing LED light display, evenings will never be the same again.

For the best fountain pond lighting, Kasco's LED Fountain light kits can't be beaten, check out your options below to transform your garden or outdoor area into a spectacular display.

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Kasco LED Fountain Lighting Kits

Flexible, affordable, and brilliant lighting packages for your Kasco AF Aerators, J or VFX Fountains. Designed and engineered with our one-piece composite housing and ultrasonic weld, these are the most durable water fountain lights on the market.

These lights run on 60Hz power and are 11-watt fixtures. Choose from either a 3 or 6 fixture package; the 3 fixture package is designed for 1/2HP-2HP units; the 6 fixture package for 2HP-7.5HP units. These LED lights come standard with classic white and include amber, blue, green and red lenses. Additionally, each fixture includes its own splitter cap allowing customers to leave the main power cord in water along with unit power cord when units are pulled for service or winter storage.

Kasco RGB Color Changing LED Fountain Light Kits

Kasco Marine is pleased to offer Waterglow RGB LED Lighting, the ultimate decorative and/or event lighting for your J or VFX fountains. With the capacity to create 9 different colors, this remote control operated unit also allows the user to adjust brightness levels, has three sequencing patterns, and can be coupled with any music playing device that supports a 3.5mm Y connector (not included with the unit.) This affords the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music!

Kasco Fountain Lights Colors, Brightness Levels, Modes & More

Available in a 3 fixture (compatible with 1/2HP – 1HP) or 6 fixture (2HP) kit, this color-changing RGB Lighting is built with the same durability you expect from Kasco. Our 1-piece composite housing and a secure weld around the lens ensure a leak-free assembly and the unit can be mounted with standard bracketing. Additionally, each fixture includes its own splitter cap allowing customers to leave the main power cord in water along with unit power cord when units are pulled for service or winter storage.

  • 9 total colors (white, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, magenta)
  • Brightness Levels: each static color can be adjusted to 100%, 50%, 25%, 12% and 6%
  • Automatic Sequencing Modes: Flash (jump to next color), Bloom (transition from color to color), and smooth transition (smooth transition from color to color).
  • Rhythmic Sequencing: Music input on the controller allows you to follow the rhythm of music played through your phone, tablet, laptop and more! Settings include fast change, medium, and smooth transition.

Features and Benefits of Kasco LED Fountain Lighting

Kasco takes advantage of the green technology of LED for making fantastic nighttime displays for your fountain. The LED systems are easy to install they use less energy and require little maintenance making them great value for money.

The lighting package uses a 9 watt LED bulb and fixture with a 50,000-hour life which is an estimated 10 years of runtime. Each fixture is permanently sealed since there is no need for bulb changes. each fixture is also provided with an individual quick disconnect which allows for field replacement of a single fixture should the need arise.

The housing is non-corrosive and the brackets are stainless steel with brass thumbscrews for easy adjustment this is particularly useful when switching between patterns and adjusting the display to illuminate all the radial streams in one of our premium patterns.

These systems are much more efficient than traditional halogen packages. The 3 light kits the LED 3125 will consume only 27 watts for all three lights in comparison to a halogen 3 light kit which will consume 225 watts. The 6 light kit the LED 6125 still only consumes 54 watts.

As they aren't submerged in water like the standard underwater pond lights they give off a more striking visual display.

Kasco fountain control panels are ready to receive the lights and each light is attached with a single bolt and nut. Adding a lighting package to your floating fountain has never been a more attractive option. Kasco LED lightning systems offer a great design and great value.

Kasco suggested pairings for lights and horsepower

A set of three LED lights will illuminate all of Kasco's fountains in the 1/2 3/4 or 1 horsepower category and in most cases can illuminate the 2 horsepower fountain as well.

All Kasco fountains from 2 horsepower to 7 1/2 horsepower can accommodate 6 lights.

All Kasco fountains include a power control panel and each includes a lighting circuit as standard. The 6 light package completely illuminates the tallest pattern the 7 and 1/2 horsepower redwood which is 30 feet tall.


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