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Collection: Kasco Diffused Pond Aerators

Aeration is key to predictable performance from your pond. Your pond environment receives life-supporting oxygen from the atmosphere at the surface where the air and water contact each other, as well as from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface.These processes are both affected by weather: available wind energy (wave action) and sunlight. Weather is unpredictable and that can create stagnant water and low oxygen levels. When there is no sunlight, there is no photosynthesis to create oxygen. In stagnant water, there is no physical energy to help the water and air exchange gases and water forms well defined layers of different temperatures. Poor environmental conditions in the pond for fish and other organisms are the result.

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond and helps keep good water quality predictable. Beneficial bacteria reduce sludge and nutrients, and there are reduced incidences of undesirable algae and odors. Winter ice is not allowed to seal the pond surface and restrict oxygen and gas transfer. Aeration allows your fish to thrive in an optimal environment and fish populations experience improved growth rates and vigor.

Robust-Aire diffused air systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes. Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 8 feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward and thousands of gallons of water are mixed with little expended energy. A Robust-Aire energy efficient compressor injects air to the bottom of your pond with weighted, SureSink air line and into the Robust-Aire diffuser assembly. The diffuser breaks up the air into micro bubbles which rise to the surface. The rising of the air bubbles creates current which transfers low-oxygen water to the surface, allows it to contact the atmosphere, and breathe. Temperature layers are disrupted and fish are able to inhabit the entire water column. Oxygen levels increase and harmful gases in the pond water are expelled.
There is no disruption of the serenity of your pond setting, just the assurance that it is getting the oxygen that it needs.

Why Choose Robust-Aire?

Why choose the Robust-Aire Aquatic Aeration System? Robust-Aire is the result of years of coordinated research and development at Kasco Aeration, an organization dedicated to producing efficient, high-quality water management equipment for over 40 years.

Superior Efficiency

Kasco Aeration uses superior diffuser materials and design. Robust-Aire has been tested alongside 6 other leading designs by 4 other manufacturers. Between 10 and 44% more water flow was induced with the same volume of air injected into the water column. The system simply creates more water flow to aerate the pond with the same amount of air and energy making it the most efficient on the market.

This is the result of an efficient diffuser which allows air to escape at a very low pressure, to produce smaller bubbles with less friction loss. The bubbles are approximately 3mm in diameter. The U-shaped design and placement of the four diffusers enhances the upward flow of water. The diffuser material is durable and cleanable. While nothing is maintenance free, seasonal cleaning of the diffusers in order to maintain efficiency is easy. The hydrophobic material partially repels growth films and can be cleaned with a rag or gloved hand.


Our diffuser assembly is compact, and comes fully assembled in one UPS shippable box.

The base is made of recycled HDPE and has sturdy thick walls. The ergonomic design has hand holds, a large fill port to add gravel, and a locking, vented fill plug. A sturdy strain relief is provided to hold the weighted tubing firmly in place with the base unit. This keeps the strain off the barb fitting where air is delivered into the diffuser assembly. A check valve is located on the incoming port with a Viton seal that cracks open at only 1/3 PSI of pressure. A Hastelloy (known as super-stainless) spring is used internally that will not corrode.

Sure Sink Tubing

Sure Sink self-weighted tubing is a durable PVC composite available in both 3/8 and 5/8 inch. The hose will not crack during cold weather and will remain flexible. The 3/8 tubing is used for lengths below 300 feet and is offered to save on purchase price, installation effort, as well as shipping & handling costs. Marks are placed every foot on all weighted tubing to assist with measurements in the field. Non-weighted tubing is available for direct burial for installations where a significant distance is between the compressor location and the water's edge.


The Robust-Aire System comes complete. We included both 3/8 and 5/8 components, including adapters in every box of tubing and in every diffuser assembly.

Rocking Piston Compressors

The Robust-Aire systems use a rocking piston compressor for the ability to address deeper water applications, and to reduce maintenance. Capable of injecting air to 50 feet of depth, these rugged compressors provide many years of dependable service.

Installation and cabinet options

Robust-Aire is available without a cabinet and with two options for housing in high quality metal cabinets with forced ventilation. The Robust-Aire NC model has no cabinet and may be conveniently housed at your covered and ventilated location. The standard cabinet option is floor/ground mounted cabinet. The galvanized steel cabinet has beige colored powder coating, and internal electrical junctions to pair each compressor with a ventilation fan providing 110 CFM of cooling air across the motor. This cabinet can house 2 compressors, offering systems with up to 6 diffuser stations.

The post mounted cabinet houses one compressor and can provide air supply for up to 3 diffuser stations. About the size of a large mailbox, this beige colored, powder coated, aluminum cabinet can be mounted on a wall or single 4 x 4 wooden post. Over 16 square inches of ventilation and a single 110 CFM are included in this compact design. A full length "piano style" hinge allows for full access to internal components for inspection and maintenance.

All systems with more than one diffuser use an aluminum block manifold with compact valves to divide air flow and control supply to each diffuser station. This is important to deliver air equally even though diffusers may be operating under different pressures due to the length of tubing and depth of the diffuser station. The compact design allows for more convenient assembly and maintenance.

Robust-Aire cabinet models are fully assembled at the factory with compressors, fans, manifolds, installed, and leads ready for tubing to be attached.

Expert Design Assistance

Design assistance is available by biologists and engineers at Kasco Aeration to assure your project goals are achieved. Provide an internet searchable address or a sketch and measurements of your pond or lake and the Kasco team will provide customized planning to design a system that will accommodate your desired turnover rate.

Superior performance, thoughtful design, and professional assistance from an industry leader. That is why so many pond owners and water management professionals are choosing Robust-Aire.


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