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RA6 - Kasco Robust-Aire Pond Aeration System

Item #: RA6
OUR PRICE: $5,553.00

Secret To Pond Excellence

If your reservoir is deeper than 5 feet than Kasco Robust-Aire Pond Aeration System RA6 is probably your best possible option. It will keep the environment in the water and around it healthy and clean by oxidizing the water, eliminating foul odors, nutrients, organic bottom muck, algae, and anything that could do any harm to your fish and plants, or simply disturb you. Also, all elements of the kit are submerged or hidden so there’s no disturbance in the landscape.

SYSTEM 6 Comes with;

Large Cabinet with cooling fan and sound filter

(6) Diffuser Assemblies

(2) 1/2HP Compressor

Robust-Aire is one of the most efficient diffusers on the market - it can effectively operate on large surface areas. It’s able to aerate deep lakes with much lower costs of equipment and energy consumption.

This system includes 2 ½ HP Teich-Aire KM-120 double piston compressors, 2 triple port aluminum manifolds, six 100 foot rolls of 3/8 inch Sure Sink weighted tubing and 6 Robust-Aire diffuser assemblies.

What’s more, it doesn’t require much maintenance, and most of the standard checks and repairs can be conducted onshore. Plus, rocking piston compressors (like the one in this model) doesn’t need maintenance as often as other compressors.

Plus, all parts get a 3-year warranty. In case of any questions or doubts as to whichever kit you should purchase, we will be happy to assist you.

Pond Size
(surface area)
120v/240v CFM @
10 PSI
Sure Sink Weighted
3/8'' Tubing
RA4 8 4 5.1/2.5 7.4 400 feet 50 feet
RA5 10 5 5.7/3 8.8 500 feet 50 feet
RA6 11 6 10.2/5.9 10.2 600 feet 50 feet
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