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Collection: Pond Aeration Accessories

Aeration Diffusers - Air diffusers are used to aerate a pond or fish tank, oure membrane diffusers have a hollow base that you can fill with either sand or gravel, so there is no need to use bricks or strap to get the diffuser to the bottom of the pond. Diffusers come with single, dual or quad membranes that allow airflow up to 12 CFM. The air diffusers come with all outlets and adapters needed to set up the diffuser. They are efficient and easy to install, providing plenty of aeration all year round, keeping the pond clean while also reducing ice.  

Aeration Tubing - Pond aeration tubing is made from either thick PVC hose that will not crack, or polyethylene that is flexible. The tubes work well in all weather, hot or cold. The tubing comes in many sizes depending on your needs, from 3/8” to 3/4” and come either weighted or non-weighted. Weighted tubing removes the need to add weights to stop the tubing from floating, making fitting a new aeration system much easier and more efficient. Non-weighted tubing also comes in many sizes, and must be weighted down, and because it is flexible, less is needed to fit the entire aerating system.

Enclosures -  Rock covers, cabinets and housings come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Lockable cabinets are made from galvanized steel painted with baked powder. They have space for up to six air lines and one electrical line, and the internal cooling fan provides air flow over the equipment to extend its life. Rock covers are made to conceal air or water pumps, filters or any other equipment. They are lightweight and easy to move around, and will not fade or break. They provide a safe housing for your equipment to protect them from the elements and to conceal the equipment.


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