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1 HP Aqua Floating Fountain - Living Water Aeration

1 HP Aqua Floating Fountain

Item #: AF100_115
OUR PRICE: $1,699.00

The 1HP Aqua Floating Fountain offers a professional park look for any pond or lake. It comes in either 115 Volts or 230 Volts.  You get your choice of two different nozzles, depending on the effect you’re looking for: the Rocket Spray is 16 feet in height and x 5 feet in diameter, and the gentle Wide Umbrella Spray is 8 feet high and a generous 26 feet in diameter. The spray nozzles are easy to change - no tools or removal from water necessary. The motor is designed to be in continuous operation, making your pond beautiful without overheating. 

This fountain will become an integrated part of your landscaping, with a protective decorative cover hiding the working mechanism. The intake screens are protected with a fine rust-free aluminum filters, to keep out any leaves, algae or silt. This is an effective way of preventing anything from clogging up the pump. A light kit can easily be integrated for nighttime use if you want your fountain to be beautifully illuminated on those warm summer evenings. 

The 1 HP Aqua Floating Fountain is easy for any beginning gardener to install. It floats by itself, requiring only the minimal anchoring in place. The motor has a built-in overcurrent protection for your safety.