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Aquathol Super K - Available in granulated or liquid form Aquathol Super K is far more concentrated than the regular product. It works well in the treatment of many Hydrilla and pondweed and dosage will depend on the plant species being treated. It is available in containers of 10 and 25 pounds granular and in 2-1/2 gallon liquid jugs.

Hydrothol - A fast-acting granular herbicide that is effective against a variety of weeds such as milfoil, Hydrilla and coontail. It has been developed for spot treating pond areas. Treating the young weeds early in the season offers the best results.

Komeen, 2.5 Gallons -Ideal dosage of Komeen liquid herbicide is eight to 10 gallons per acre to control aquatic weeds such as Hydrilla, olodea and many others. It is a copper herbicide but has no restrictions on water use after treatment.

Reward Concentrated - A concentrated broad-spectrum herbicide Reward controls numerous varieties of aquatic vegetation. It can be applied by spraying but should not be used in fast-moving water. Reward is quickly absorbed by the plants and represents little effect on the environment. However, Michigan restricts the application of Reward to those holding a valid applicator’s license. Application recommendation is for two gallons per acre.

Navigate Aquatic Herbicide - Navigate works well on submerged water foil and milfoil as well as on Stargrass and is effective against water lilies. In its granular form applied with a scoop makes it ideal for spot treating. Its long-term control, especially for water lilies is due to it being absorbed into the roots of the plant. It also works for long-term control of plants in addition to water lilies. After application there is no restriction on water use.

Nautique Aquatic Herbicide - Nautique is an economical fast-acting herbicide used to control many nuisance plants. With minimal environmental risk there is no restriction for use or on the use of the water following application. The formulation includes 9 percent chelated copper, one of the highest concentration of copper herbicides in use. Usage includes use in lakes, streams, canals, ponds and in aquatic setting also containing fish.

Renovate 3 Aquatic Herbicide - A highly effective herbicide for aquatic plants Renovate 3 can be applied through surface spraying or by using floating equipment. Product is ideal for restoring ecosystems in ponds as it eliminates broad leaf plants while having little or no effect on grassy aquatic plants. Application below the surface is recommended in shallow water or by using sprayer application over a large area. It is safe for water usage following application and can be used in water that is used for recreation and for livestock drinking water.

Sonar A.S. Aquatic Herbicide - Sonar A.S. is used to control a wide range of aquatic plants including duckweed. An effective treatment option it often lasts for several seasons as it works by disrupting the photosynthesis system eliminating the plant’s ability to produce food. Plants treated with Sonar A.S. will die within six to 12 weeks. It can be applied by sprayer during an application that covers the entire surface. For best results the amount recommended for treatment can be applied in two equal treatments that are applied 10 to 14 days apart.

Shore-Klear Emergent Weed Control, Quart - As the name implies Shore-Clear is used to eliminate those pesky plants that grow around the edges of ponds. While it is highly effective against plants such as cattails and brush or weeds that grow out of the water, it is not for use on plants that grow mostly under water. Once applied the results will begin to show in two to three days with complete results becoming evident in about two weeks. Usage is recommended at two ounces in a gallon of water. Water treated with Shore Clear is safe for use with no effect on the environment.

AquaNeat Emergent Weed Control, 2.5 gallons -Diluted two ounces per gallon of water AquaNeat is used for plants that grow on the edges of ponds or other waterways. It can be sprayed directly onto the offending plants and is not selective in its target meaning it will be effective against nearly all shrubs and brush that grow out of the water. It is not effective on plants that grow mostly under water. Water treated with AquaNeat is safe for swimming as well as for animal and human drinking.

Weedtrine-D Fast Acting Broad Range Weed Control, 1gal. -  Weedtrine D targets a wide range of aquatic plants including duckweed, coontail, elodea and milfoil. It can be sprayed directly on the plants or simply poured from the container. Results should begin to show in three days. Application recommendation is eight to 10 gallons per acre for submerged weeds and five to seven gallons per acre to eliminate duckweed. After application there is restriction for use of two weeks.

Cygnet Plus Activator  is recommended for us with many herbicides and algaecides. It eliminates beading that occurs with some products and helps to remove the waxy surface of many plants leaving them more open to penetration of the chemicals. Cygnet also helps provide a uniform coating when herbicides and algaecides are used in a sprayer to ensure a uniform coating of the treatment.