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Sonar A.S. Aquatic Herbicide - 8 oz

Sonar A.S. Aquatic Herbicide - 8 oz

Item #: SO8
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Sonar A.S. and herbicides that control a wide variety of aquatic plants, including stubborn duckweed. Treatments often last for several seasons, making it a cost effective treatment product. It works by stopping photosynthesis, which robs the plants of their ability to make food. Treated plants turn white and die within 6-12 weeks. Sonar effectively controls coontail, bladderwort, pondweed family, eurasion milfoil, fanwort, naiad, parrotfeather and select other aquatic plants.

Sonar A.S. is a concentrated formula that is applied by mixing with water and spraying over the surface of the pond. Ideally the total amount needed is divided into two equal applications 10-14 days apart.

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