Collection: Otterbine Fountain Light Kits

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Collection: Otterbine Fountain Light Kits


Illuminate Your Waterscape with Otterbine Fountain Light Kits

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Otterbine Fountain Light Kits, where every light set is designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor water features. Each kit offers unique features that cater to various fountain sizes, ensuring your fountain not only performs optimally but also looks spectacular at night.

Our Premier Light Kits Include:

Fountain Glo LED Lighting Low Voltage Light Kit: Perfect for 1HP to 5HP fountains, this kit enhances any water pattern with brilliant, energy-efficient lighting that adds charm and visibility to your evening settings.

  • Fountain Glo MAXI-RGBW Lighting - 4 Light Kit: Designed for 1HP to 5HP fountains, the MAXI-RGBW offers vibrant, color-changing sequences that transform your fountain into a dynamic centerpiece.
  • Fountain Glo MIDI-RGBW Lighting Light Kit: Ideal for mid-sized fountains, this kit allows you to enjoy a spectrum of colors and programmed sequences, creating a stunning visual display that captivates and delights.
  • Fountain Glo MINI-RGBW Lighting Kit for Fractional Series Fountains: Specially designed for smaller and fractional series fountains, this kit provides subtle yet effective lighting, perfect for smaller gardens or patios.

Features Designed for Excellence: Each light kit in our collection is crafted with high-quality materials, designed for easy installation, and built for low maintenance. Durable and efficient, our lights ensure long-lasting brilliance and reliability.

Elevate your landscape with our Otterbine Fountain Light Kits and turn your water feature into a glowing spectacle of light and color. Whether you're hosting a nighttime event or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, these lights will transform your water feature into a stunning attraction.

Explore the possibilities and enhance your outdoor space today!


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