Collection: Automatic & Directional Fish Feeders

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Collection: Automatic & Directional Fish Feeders

Sweeney Galvanized Fish Feeder -Ideal for use as a pond, lake or deer feeder the Sweeney Galvanized feeder is auger fed for less blockage. It has a 24-event timer and operates with a 12-volt motor off a 12-volt battery ideal for remote use. Solar power is recommended to maintain the battery’s charge. The feeder is waist high for ease in filling and can hold up to 100 pounds of corn for deer feeding or 70 pounds of dry fish feeding pellet.

Sweeney Hunter Green Fish Feeder - Similar to the Sweeney galvanized feeder in hunter green it can be used as a fish pond feeder or a deer feeder. The auger feed prevents clogging and will distribute feed at least five feet from the base of the feeder but its feed direction can be altered to meet the need.

Stock a Dock Fish Feeder - This heavy duty dock fish feeder can attach to a dock railing or a pole to feed and attract fish around your waterfront property. The feeder automatically sends food up to 40-feet out onto the water eliminating wasted food on the dock. It will automatically feed twice a day with an interval that can be adjusted for up to 90 minutes each.


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