Collection: Kits & Supplies for Garden Pond Waterfall Designs

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Collection: Kits & Supplies for Garden Pond Waterfall Designs

Easypro Pro Series - Creating a backyard scene can seem almost magical when you can include a rushing waterfall into your backyard garden pond. Easy Pro series waterfall kits provide everything you need to create this exciting addition to your outdoor space. Recirculating water also helps provide oxygen into the water for plants and other aquatic life. With a wide range of accessories including lights, a garden waterfall can add more life and fascination to your garden pond.

Eco Series - Filters, skimmers, bases for waterfalls and pump housings are all part of the Eco Series accessory line for garden waterfall systems or backyard waterfalls. Diffusers and spillways can add additional dimensions to the cascading water and pump vaults can make water pumps easily accessible for maintenance or inspection. Eco Series accessories are also available for backyard waterfalls that operate without a pond.

Fiber Optic, Underwater Lighting - Fiber optics has become a mainstay in many illumination projects and fiber optic pond lighting can add a whole new color dimension for underwater lighting. The fibers are placed underwater and connected to a control panel on shore. A single light is illuminated behind a color wheel. As the light passes the wheel’s different colors the light is transmitted along with fiber optics under water. Since there is no electric wires under the water it is safe to use and when the time comes to change the light bulb, it too is on dry ground.

Add some luxury and simple beauty to your backyard pond by installing an elegant rushing waterfall. While the aesthetics matter to your overall waterfall design, the first thing to consider is the type of pond waterfall pump you will use, as that is the most important component of the entire system. This is the part that is responsible for not only creating the running water effect, but it also ensures that the pond is aerated and the water is circulated through the filtration system.

Living Water Aeration sells a variety of re-circulating and submersible pumps that will meet the needs of your garden waterfall. They are energy-efficient, cost-efficient and durable, which is important when you consider that they must run continuously. We also sell other accessories that will make your backyard oasis run smoothly and look more beautiful. Please browse through our inventory of pumps and light kits for pond waterfalls found on this page. Click on any photo to find detailed information and prices.

We stand behind all the products we sell, including our garden waterfall kits and related items, because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. If you're not sure which products to choose, we welcome you to give us a call so we can help you put together the pond waterfall design with the right materials and components. Call us at 1(888)-775-2402 or email us at


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