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Collection: EasyPro Pro Series

Just-A-Falls kits - include everything you need to build a beautiful waterfall including: 45 mil rubber liner, felt underlayment, EasyPro pond vault, submersible pump, check valve assembly, Auafalls filter, flexible PVC pipe, WIK installation kit. "just-a-falls" waterfalls kits are available in three sizes or we can custom build a kit for you! Create the Sights and Sounds of a waterfall without the liability or maintenance of a pond!

AquaFalls biological filters - help keep your pond very clean and serve as a great start to your stream or waterfall. The Aquafalls filter and the skimmer should be located on opposite sides of the pond. Designed for use with pond skimmers for atruly professional looking pond. you want the skimmer and falls as far away from each other as possible to allow the maximum amount of circulation in the pond. This insures proper filtration and a cleaner pond.

Easypro Waterfall SpillwayWith straight, inward or outward curving sections you can custom design the shape of your feature. Waterfalls of up to 34' wide have been built using this system. The first expandable waterfall spillway on the market.

Surface Skimmer - is a type of filter used constructed ponds to remove organic matter and other denris floating on the surface. Powered by pump, the skimmer sucks water in and through a mesh bag or plastic filter basket. Any material large enough is caught by the basket and can be easily removed from the pond. in some skimmers there is also a filter mat that particles will get trapped if it passes through the basket. Almost 85% of debris can be caught before sinking to the bottom.

Easypro Pond Vaults - are built super heavy duty to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock. The vaults have slots cut in the sides which allows water into the pump.  These pond vaults are ideal for creating pond free waterfalls. The roto - molded design makes them very strong!  Easypro spillways allow you to build waterfalls af any shape or length - something no other manufacturer comes close to matching! ideal when used together with pond vaults.

Pond common installi Products -  A cobination of the most common items to install ponds and waterfalls includes one can black foam, one tube silicone, one can glue, one can primer and one 6" diameter liner patch WIK2 has two tubes os silicone and larger size can of glue installing large pond kits.

Pond Fill Valves - Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and water fill boxes. Can be adapted to maintain water levels in many different applications. All valve rods (arms) can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements. The brass body and brass rods are far superior to normal plastic fill valves. 


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