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Collection: Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers

Whatever style of pond you have whether it be one that is full of beautiful koi fish or a relaxing water garden a pond skimmer is a necessity. If you want your pond to flourish it needs to be part of your pond filtration system. A pond skimmer will remove any floating debris and keep your pond ecosystem alive and balanced.

A pond skimmer will work alongside a pond pump and filter to provide a filtration system that will keep your pond looking great and your fish healthy.

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Whatever the size of your pond we have you covered with our range of pond skimmer products below.

EasyPro Pond Skimmers

Offering some of the most advanced pond skimmers on the market EasyPro products are built with high-quality components and are extremely durable. With the Pro-Series range, you have the choice between filter brushes or a vertical filter mat. If you want the skimmer away from the pond then extension tubes are available.

Mini Pond Skimmers

This pond skimmer is a smaller version of our popular large skimmer. This unit is built to the same high-quality standards as our larger skimmers but in a smaller model. Ideal for smaller ponds with pumps in the 1,000 to 3,000 GPH range. The 6″ wide weir door inlet can handle a flow rate of up to 3000 gallons.

Small Pond Skimmers

Have a removable center divider, this creates two chambers in the skimmer box — one for filtering and one for the pump! Pumps can be inspected or removed without moving the mesh net or filter pad. Ideal for ponds up to 600 sq. ft. in the 6000 GPH range.

Large Pond Skimmers

Have a removable center divider, this creates two chambers in the skimmer box — one for filtering and one for the pump! Pumps can be inspected or removed without moving the mesh net or filter pad. Ideal for ponds up to 600 sq. ft. in the 250 GPM range.

Cal Pump Mini Slimmers

Can be added almost any new or Pre-existing pond The Mini-skimmers works differently than other pond skimmers because it is placed in the pond rather than going through the liner.

Small Extension Tube

Use the 24" extension tubes to move skimmer back away from the pond, making it easier to hide. Simply remove the faceplate from Skimmer, attach extension tube and sandwich liner between extension tube and faceplate. Multiple tubes can be used.

Large Extension Tube

This 24" long extension tube allows the skimmers to be placed back from the edge of the pond. This will allow for planting between the pond and skimmers making it easier to hide! Extension tubes can be bolted together to create a longer extension if needed. Price includes extension tube and bolts for installation.

FAQ's - All About Pond Skimmers

What Are The Benefits of a Pond Skimmer?

A pond is something to relax by and to enjoy it shouldn't be a constant task at hand. A pond skimmer can lessen the work and help keep your pond clean and healthy.

The purpose of a pond skimmer is to remove all the debris and items that have fallen into the water. The majority of debris stays on the surface of the water for a while and once it becomes waterlogged and heavy sinks to the bottom of the pond. This can be leaves, twigs, pollen, plant debris, fish food and so on, you'll be surprised to know what is floating on your pond.

The reason why it is so important is that if all this pond debris settles on the bottom of the pond and is allowed to decompose it will cause serious issues with the ecosystem of the pond. Algae will feed on this debris and thrive if not kept in check. The decomposing matter also releases toxins such as nitrates and ammonia into the water and can be dangerous to fish and plant life.

Even if you keep busy and remove the larger debris such as leaves and twigs, pollen and other smaller debris will still need to be collected by the pond skimmer.

Even if you don't have leaves falling into your pond the waste created by fish which is known as dissolved organic compounds can float to the surface of the pond creating an unsightly film a pond skimmer will prevent this from happening.

So basically you will have a mechanical device that 24-7 is working hard to keep the surface of your pond debris-free so you don't have to.

What's The Difference Between a Skimmer and a Pond Filter?

Both these items are essential for a healthy pond. A pond filter is a mechanical or biological filter system that draws in dirty water and filters it to produce clean water that is then added back to the pond. The pond skimmer is designed specially to skim the water and remove debris. Along with a pond pump, they provide the perfect cleaning and filtration system.

Is a Skimmer Essential for my Pond?

If you want to reduce your workload for maintaining your pond and reduce the chance of water quality issues you would be wise to invest in a pond skimmer. Once water quality degrades it makes it much harder to recover easily so pond skimmers pre-empt this issue. If you have a pond that is located near trees then we would say a pond skimmer is essential for removing debris from leaves.

Where should I position my Skimmer?

The ideal place for your pond skimmer is where there is a good surface flow rate and debris has a tendency to collect.

What pond skimmer pump will I Need?

You need to match the pump and skimmer, for instance, if the flow rate of your pond pump is 6000gph then your pond skimmer should support the same or lower. If your pump is too strong for the skimmer it will cause damage. If the pump isn't strong enough it will not produce enough flow to catch pond debris and the motor is likely to burn out.

What to Look for in a Pond Skimmer?

When looking at pond skimmers you will want to find one that is the right size for your pond, you'll also want one that is easy to clean and durable. Easypro pond Skimmers match these requirements. They include a one-piece debris net designed to keep the mesh in place making it easy to clean.


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