Collection: Beneficial Pond Bacteria

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Collection: Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Every aquatic environment thrives when the proper balance of bacteria is present. That doesn't always happen naturally, which means pond owners need to add beneficial bacteria to achieve the ideal balance. Once the proper balance of beneficial pond bacteria is achieved, regular monitoring and adjusting will ensure the pond remains clear and odor free. But, how can a property owner make sure they're taking the right steps to get the water quality they're looking for? 

Understanding How a Proper Balance is Achieved

Nature always looks for ways to achieve a balance the keeps stream and lake waters healthy. In different settings, specific organisms are introduced to control the levels of plant and animal wastes present. While self-contained ponds or other water features in yards may not really be natural environments, how homeowners treat the water will certainly make a substantial difference in the condition of the water itself, the plants, and any fish or other life that's present.

Our Fish Pond Bacteria is Carefully Crafted for Home Use

A healthy home fish pond doesn't respond well to products designed for other uses. That's why Living Water Aeration only markets a line of products developed for use in fish ponds and other water features. When properly used, our products will maintain healthy and safe conditions in your fish pond. Our blends of organic pond enzymes and bacteria are ideal for aquatic features and are free of pathogens that could threaten a pond's water or its flora and fauna. 

Protecting Your Pond Environment Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

At Living Water Aeration, we understand cost constraints are always issues for property owners. Our EasyPro and All Season bacteria are available at affordable prices to keep budgets in check while, at the same time, providing the performance users expect. We also stand behind all our products and want every user to be 100 percent satisfied with the results our products deliver.

Taking Care of Larger Ponds

Since the requirements of larger ponds differ significantly from those of smaller ones, we offer a variety of products to handle every pond owner's needs. The products here are especially beneficial for larger water areas, but may also be used for smaller bodies of water. 

  • Pond Boost Pond Bacteria -

    Pond Boost is a proprietary blend of bacteria formulated specifically for maintaining the water quality of larger ponds or lakes. Beneficial bacteria are always required to maintain an environment that encourages the growth of desirable plants, fish, or other aquatic life. Common threats to the health of ponds and lakes include ammonia, nitrates, and phosphorus that commonly enter the water in runoff from rain or irrigation. Left unchecked, those substances can quickly threaten the habitat. Pond. ooxg contains bacteria to remove those threats. The product also works well to clarify water already clouded by animal and plant wastes. Odors created by waste as it breaks down also cause pond and lake areas to be less than welcoming. Pond Boost Pond Bacteria reduces odors as it works to break down those wastes. Sludge settling to the bottom of lakes and ponds is also a concern, and Pond Boost also breaks down those wastes to provide a healthier environment.
  • Muck Assault Sludge Remover Pellets

    - When sludge has gotten out of hand, our pellets provide much-needed bacteria to immediately attack the problem. The specially manufactured pellets each weigh one ounce and will sink directly to the spots they are most needed. That's especially helpful for areas where livestock have been grazing near the shore of a pond or lake. Since the pellets sink to the bottom and settle into the sludge, they are not affected by waves, boating, currents, or other movements of the water being treated. That means there is less waste, as the product will remain where it's needed rather than drifting to other areas of the pond or lake.

It's important to remember that bacteria can be good or bad for a water environment. Our products are comprised of bacteria that's been determined to be beneficial for the water and do not contain any forms of bacteria that would cause harm to the environment.

Got a Smaller Pond?

The two products highlighted above are beneficial for all ponds or lakes but, if You have a koi pond or other small water feature, we have specialized solutions for them. Please refer to our Pond Bacteria page in the Water Garden section for additional information on those products.

Treating the Water Is Only One Element of Pond Care

Providing the proper care of any pond is important, but using Pond Boost Pond Bacteria or Muck Assault Sludge Remover Pellets is only part of the care protocols. Since every type of pond or water garden has different needs, it may be difficult to determine which treatment strategies are best for a given body of water. Living Water Aeration is dedicated to providing numerous products to meet the needs of property owners with any body of water present. If you've got questions or need advice, we try to provide the information you'll need to enjoy your pond or water garden.


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