Collection: Statuary - Basalt Columns, LED Lights, Pumps, Vases, Fountains

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Collection: Statuary - Basalt Columns, LED Lights, Pumps, Vases, Fountains

Basalt Columns - Polished basalt columns can add timeless beauty to any outdoor display as water cascades down the sides of the polished stone. Available is heights from 10-inches to 35-inches widths will vary by height chosen. Pump kits for basalt columns are sold separately. When used with optional lighting kits they can add a new dimension to your outdoor fountain displays. Available in singles or three-column groups.

LED Statuary Lights - Illuminating your outdoor statues and fountains is easier when using a single or triple statuary light set accessory. They have been designed specifically for basalt columns and include a 12-volt transformer with a six-foot cord for the transformer and a 10-foot cord between the light and the transformer. Barbed inlet fitting holds it securely in place of ¾-inch tubing.

Statuary Pumps - Moving water at the rate of 80 to 1,000 gallons per hour these statuary pumps add life to all of your outdoor water decorations. They can be used with basalt columns, small pond-less fountains and other statuary that requires cascading water to circulate through it and the reservoir.

Vase Statuary - Instead of flowers these stone outdoor vases circulate water pumped through a recirculating reservoir. From small smooth case and large ones that can stand alone to others that sit on a bed of colorful yet dignified stones, outdoors vase statuary adds life to many areas of your landscaping. Traditional vases, those with a double handle can he used without other tipped vases for variety.

Statuary Fountains - Self-contained stone waterfalls along with columns and tiered fountains make idea additions to your outdoor garden area. As water is pumped into the upper levels the water gently cascades downward into its reservoir for continuous gently, soothing sounds. Most statuary fountain kits come with required tubing and the appropriately sized water pump to make installation quick and easy.

Indoor / Outdoor Statuary Fountains - A floating ball, a split faced columned and fiberglass basalt lights can be a welcome addition to your patio. Stacked slate, bubbling stone and tipped vase statuary come complete with all necessary tubing to have it up and bubbling in minutes after it arrives. The self-storing water reservoir will allow your fountain to make its soft gurgling music for hours on end.

Japanese Lanterns - Available in brown or white resin these Japanese lanterns are a great addition around outdoor ponds, especially when they are inhabited by traditional Koi fish. These lanterns are for decoration only.

Statuary Splitters & Fittings - When utilizing more than one water decoration in your yard a splitter will allow the use of multiple items with a single pump. Two and four valve splitters are available and thy can be used for either water or air. Using the correct connector for your statuary or other devices these splitters can be turned off and on independently to allow one to be used with others turned off. The four valve can be used in multiple configuration to control all or only part of your statuary water flow.


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