Collection: Statuary Splitters & Fittings

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Collection: Statuary Splitters & Fittings

These two and four valve splitters are ideal for operating multiple pieces of statuary off a single pump.
SS4 Splitter
  • 3/4" threads on main body, 1/2" male threads on valved outlets
  • Can be connected end to end to make 8, 12, 16, etc. manifolds
  • Can handle up to 1200 GPH flow, high flows use 1" splitter
  • Can be used with water or air pumps
  • Specialty Fittings for statuary tubing is available

SS10 Splitter
This is a larger version of the SS4 splitter, for use in larger air and water pumps
  • 1" threads on main body with 3/4" female threaded outlets on valves
  • Use with standard nylon male adapters
SS4 And SS10 Splitters:
Part # Size Ship Weight
SS4 3/4" Statuary Splitter with 1/2" valves 1 lb.
SS10 1" Statuary Splitter with 3/4" valves 2 lbs.

Fittings For SS4:
Part # Size Ship Weight
SS41238 1/2" fpt x 3/8" barb 1 lb.
SS41212 1/2" fpt x 1/2" barb 1 lb.
SS41234 1/2" fpt x 3/4" barb 1 lb.


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