Collection: Pond Dye

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Pond dye is a coloring agent that is added to ponds or other bodies of water to change their appearance. It is commonly used for aesthetic purposes, our pond dye can give your pond a vibrant aqua blue or midnight blue color. Pond dye can serve practical functions such as reducing sunlight penetration, which can help control algae growth and improve water clarity.

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Collection: Pond Dye

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond one's control, ponds can become cloudy or muddy. The number one way to combat this type of unsightly looking water is with pond dye. These dyes are specially formulated for use in ponds. Along with aesthetics pond dyes also help treat unwanted weed growth by filtering UV light from the sun. These pond dyes are 100% safe and will not harm any wildlife. These are food-grade products, which are safe for consumption. This also means it is safe for swimming, fishing, irrigation or watering livestock.


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