Our Story

In 2004, purchasing pond aeration equipment required cumbersome catalogs and guesswork. But we believed there was an easier, friendlier way to help people find and purchase the right products for their needs. Now, 17 years later, Living Water Aeration is proud to be the leader in pond treatment and design.

Whether you operate a massive fish farm or a few square acres of personal property, your space deserves the best. And our mission is to make sure you get the best for your project’s unique needs. No request is beyond the scope of Living Water: From full aeration systems to their accessories, pond filters, fire features, and so much more, we ensure quality down to the very last detail and customer satisfaction all around.

Meet The Team

Daniel Crackower founded Living Water Aeration in 2004. Since then, he’s grown the company into one of the top retailers for everything ponds, from fire features to custom aeration systems and beyond. Daniel’s commitment to hard work, a great team, incredible clients, and a constant push for growth are the bedrock of their success and the force behind everything he does. After all of these years, Daniel still loves helping customers find unique solutions for their ponds. And when he’s away from the business, entrepreneurship, theology, and technology capture his interest.

EJ Domingue, a customer service specialist for Living Water Aeration, joined the team in 2017. With 25 years of sales history under his belt, he’s always striving to provide exceptional customer service with every call, question, and conversation. Professional and precise, customer satisfaction is his priority and a passion, but it’s not his only one. EJ is a father of 5, a professional photographer, and an outdoorsman who loves camping and fishing with his family.

Rachel Carter specializes in customer service and making sure the client always comes first at Living Water Aeration. Whether communicating face-to-face or over the phone, Rachel loves chatting about anything and everything related to ponds. An experienced EMT, retail professional, and customer service representative, she combines her passion and expertise in every client interaction. Outside of work, Rachel can be found skating, exercising, and reading, or spending time with the love of her life, who she married in 2019. 

We Promise

… to always put you first. We believe our success is rooted in our firm commitment to ensuring integrity and honesty with every interaction. That means making sure you get the right recommendations, the best equipment, and unbeatable service.

… to be your full-service pond shop. Living Water provides a complete, ever-growing inventory and the expertise in all things pond maintenance to match. We can even custom fit aeration systems to your fish pond, water garden, or lake.

… American-made merchandise. Outsourcing labor and settling for cheap materials has never been the Living Water way. We’re committed to providing the very highest quality, which means that 100% of our aeration and fountain products are made on American soil and manufactured under the strictest standards.

… a customer care team that’s reachable, reliable, and made of real people. Speaking with a friendly, knowledgeable team member from Living Water is always easy. Give us a call anytime at 1-(888)-775-2402 and talk to a real person—not a voicemail.

Prefer writing? Send us a message to sales@livingwateraeration.com or Living Water Aeration, 4400 Ambassador Caffery, Ste. A Box 323, Lafayette, LA, 70508