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Pond Aerator Diffuser, Bubblers, Aeration Membrane & Disc Diffusers

Easypro Membrane Diffusers: Membrane diffusers aerate a pond or water feature to keep the water clean, odor free and to reduce ice. They have a hollow base enabling you to fill it with sand or gravel to make it sink to the bottom, this eliminates the need for bricks and straps. Easypro membrane diffusers come with either single, dual or quad membranes that give airflow up to 12 CFM. The kit comes with all necessary outlets and adapters to set up the diffusers and provide efficient, easy to install aeration all year round.

Air Diffuser Manifolds: Air diffuser manifolds enable you to attach several air diffusers to one air line, to increase the aeration in a pond. The manifolds have an underlay made from polyethylene to prevent erosion from sediment in the mud. Air diffuser manifolds can even be custom built for a variety of needs and requirements. The membranes will last for many years and provide even bubble distribution across all diffusers. Standard air line connection is ½” poly tubing and air diffusers are 6” long.

Tubular Diffuser: Tubular diffusers are an alternative to membrane diffusers; they are 24 inches long and have over 8000 bubble slots to ensure maximum aeration. The tubular diffusers are also weighted to allow them to sink without needing to add weights. They have a built-in check valve and will provide years of service with very little maintenance. The tubular diffuser will provide even air distribution throughout, keeping the pond clean and free from algae, also helping to reduce the amount of ice that develops over winter.

Rubber Air Membrane Diffusers: Rubber air membrane diffusers are strong and durable, perfect for pond aeration. They are easy to clean and provide better circulation and movement of the water than air stones. They are excellent for ponds and water gardens as the size of bubbles increase circulation to keep the water moving. The membranes come in many sizes from 4” to 24”

Alumina Air Diffuser Airstones: Alumina airstones produce smaller bubbles than other diffusers, increasing the oxygen diffusion throughout the pond or tank. They are also three times stronger than white silica airstones and they are even self-weighting so there is no need for added weights to keep them down. They are cleanable, but they do require chlorine or muriatic acid, so they can require more maintenance then membrane diffusers, but with extra durability and a great selection of sizes, combined with the extra small bubbles, they are a good choice.