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Collection: Pond Kits

These popular kits eliminate the time and guess work of assembling a pond package. Everything you need to build a beautiful water feature is included. All components are designed to be top quality and long lasting — providing years of enjoyment to the owner!

Water Gardening is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in America. Just in the last 5 years the industry in America has grown by leaps in bounds. Multitudes of people all over America are now enjoying the serenity and joy that comes with having your very own backyard pond and waterfall, and now you can too.

You may find other pond kits being sold for less money, however you will sacrifice quality and unfortunately in this industry you do get what you pay for. We sell EasyPro and Eco-Series Pond Kits. These pond kits set the standard in the industry and they are a cut above all of the competition. We have many different size pond kits available. You will find a pond kit to suit your needs for any size project.

With EasyPro, Quality Comes First! Some of our competitors sacrifice quality in order to lower the price by using low quality kink-free tubing, eliminating check valves in their plumbing and making you pay extra for the stone lip on the falls and rock lid on the skimmer. We will always give you the best quality at a competitive price! EasyPro Pond Kits are a great water feature idea to add life to any garden or backyard! We have several sizes to choose from:

Mini Pond Kits

Ships Complete in One Box!

Everything You Need to Build a Professional Grade Pond All in One Box! Kits Include:
  • 45 mil rubber liner - 20 Year Warranty!
  • Underlayment
  • Mini Skimmer
  • Mini AquaFalls Filter
  • 25' of 11/4" PVC Flow Pipe - kink free
  • 1 1/4" Check Valve Assembly
  • Silicone Sealer
  • 2,000 GPH Pump
Finish pond size of mini pond kits are 6' x 6', 6' x 10',and 8' x 11'.

Small Pond Kits

A complete pond kit consists of the following items:
  • 45 mil Rubber Liner
  • Pond Liner Underlayment
  • Pond Skimmer
  • AquaFalls Filter and Waterfall Base
  • High Efficiency Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • PVC Flex Pipe
  • Bacteria
  • Waterfall Installation Kit includes PVC glue primer, silicone, liner patch and one can black foam
  • Low Voltage Light Kit with two lights and transformer (transformer can run up to five lights)

These popular pond kits eliminate the time and guesswork of assembling a pond package. The kits include everything you need to build a beautiful water garden including liner, underlayment, skimmer, small AquaFalls filter, 25' of 11/2" flexible PVC pipe, high efficiency pump, underwater light kit, all necessary fittings and instructions. All EasyPro Pond Kits ship UPS in two boxes.
All components of these kits are top quality, from the heavy duty 45 mil EPDM liner to the long lasting energy efficient pumps. Once installed these ponds will provide years of enjoyment to the home owner.

Filter Brushes at no Extra Cost Pond kit skimmers now come standard with filter brushes! Brushes require less cleaning than traditional filter pads. 

New UV Option

The ES11 and ES16 pond kits include the PS1 skimmer which now has an optional UV upgrade (provided that the skimmer has filter brushes).

Medium Pond Kits

Complete kits for ponds up to 21' x 26'. These pond kits are a step above our small pond kits. Available in sizes from 11' x 16' to 21' x 26'. These kits use our medium size filter, for increased filtering capacity, as well as larger check valve assemblies and 2" flex pipe for increased flow. Due to the size of the filter, all pond kits medium pond kits will ship via motor freight. This allows you to customize your kit if needed. Just like the small pond kit all 10 items are included in the kit.

  • New - All EM pond kits now come standard with filter brushes in the skimmer! This reduces maintenance and allows for optional UV.
  • New - UV option! EasyPro skimmers now have an optional built in UV.

If one of our prepackaged kits  does not fit your application, we can custom size a kit to match your requirements.

Large Pond Kits -: Have all 10 Items in a kit.  They use a large skimmer and Aquafalls.  These kits are for ponds over 600 sp. ft.  and are custom designed.

Eco-Series Pond Kits  are an excellent value! Each kit includes all necessary items to build a top quality water feature. See chart below for exact sizes on pumps, skimmers, filters, etc.

Kits Include:

• 45 mil rubber liner
• Liner underlayment
• Eco-Series skimmer
• Eco-Series filter
• Continuous duty pump
• Check valve assembly
• Flexible PVC pipe
• PVC glue

If you are in need of a custom sized pond kit, contact us and we will put one together for you.


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