Collection: Koi Pond Kits

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Collection: Koi Pond Kits

We sell a wide variety of products geared toward koi ponds. Often these koi pond kits become quite elaborate and usually each kit is custom designed to meet the desired look of that feature. Following are a couple koi pond kits designed for small to medium size koi features. Since every koi pond is uniquely shaped, these kits include everything you need except for liner or underlayment — those can be ordered separately.

Kits Include:
  • Bead filter
  • External pump skimmer(s)
  • External pump
  • Bottom drain (EBD4N)
  • UV clarifier
  • Eco-Series waterfall spillway
  • All plumbing and flex pipe
Part # Max Pond Size Spillway Part #/Width Pump (GPH) Skimmer Filter UV included Ship weight
KP3500 3500 Gallon CF23E/23" EXP4900 PSMEX PBF35 AU40 200 lbs.
KP5500 5500 Gallon CF34E/34" EXP6800 (2) PSMEX PBF55 AU57 250 lbs.


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