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Collection: Pond Aerator Tubing

Weighted Tubing - Weighted tubing is made from thick PVC hose that will not crack. It is designed for use in pond aeration, made to work in all weather, even the cold. Due to its weight, it will not float and requires no added weights during installation. Weighted tubing comes in different sizes and is available by the foot or in 100’ or 500’ rolls. Installation is easy and quick, compared to non-weighted tubing which requires added weights to keep it down and will provide many years of service.

Poly, Non-Weighted Tubing - Poly, non-weighted tubing is made from polyethylene, which is flexible, durable and kink resistant. It can either be buried or not and due to its flexibility easy to install. This tubing is a good choice for either pond aeration or water distribution. The tubing will, however, require weighing during the install, as these are not self-weighted.

Bubble Tubing - This tubing is unlike our weighted and poly tubing which act as an airline between the compressor and diffuser. The Bubble tubing has rows of small holes for the distribution of air similar to a diffuser. This is useful for aerating shallow ponds or long narrow bodies of water


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