• Fountains can aerate and add a beautiful ascetic feature while providing a great vital resource for the ecosystem of your pond. While optimal for shallow ponds, these fountains will provide a soothing sound and help with the overall water quality. Below we have questions past customers have asked, blogs on specific topics, and videos regarding fountains!

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1. How deep can fountains aerate ponds?

It does add oxygen to ponds up to about 6 feet deep. If your pond is deeper than 6 feet you may want to consider diffused aeration (bottom aeration). However if your pond is 6 foot or less you can use a fountain style aerator to aerate the entire thing.

2. Which size fountain should I buy for my pond?

The general rule of thumb when sizing these for a pond is 1.5 HP per acre.

3. Do most fountains float?

Yes, most include float and mooring ropes to keep the unit in place.

4. During the winter, do you need to take your fountain out of the water?

It depends, if it gets cold enough where you are that the pond actually ices over, then yes you will want to store it in a dry area for winter. However, in the south where ponds do not ice over you can leave them installed year round.

5. My pond has a lot of floating green algae. Will a fountain have problems with the pump clogging?

No you will not there is a bottom screen included with all fountains for protection. Anything that gets past the screen will be shredded like paper.

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