Collection: Kasco Decorative J Series Pond Fountains

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Kasco's J Series Fountains present striking and visually captivating water displays, providing the best value available in the market.

Crafted with a perfect balance of elegance and functionality, every package comes with a variety of twist-and-lock nozzles at no additional cost. This allows you to select from eye-catching geyser effects to sophisticated 3-tiered displays to suit your preferences.

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Collection: Kasco Decorative J Series Pond Fountains

Kasco offers many sizes of decorative fountains to fit the needs of your pond or lake. These quality units both beautify your body of water with an elegant display patterns to beautify your pond. The units boast outstanding pattern shapes and sizes with some added benefits of aeration with low overall operating costs. Each unit is fully-self contained and floats into place in your pond or lake.

Kasco Fountains proudly presents the popular Kasco Decorative Pond Fountains.  It is great for medium to large size ponds and when multiple fountain patterns are desired.

It comes standard with 5 to 7 interchangeable nozzles depending on the size of the fountain, to give you multiple fountain patterns for the price of one! With 5 to 7 multiple pond fountain patterns, you have the freedom to adjust the aerating fountain to fit your pond, weather conditions, and your tastes. It does a great job at adding oxygen and improving your pond or lake aeration.


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