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5HP Kasco 5.1JF Decorative Pond Fountain - 230v

Item #: 51JF100
OUR PRICE: $6,232.00
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Kasco Marine's 5.3JF (3 Phase) and 5.1JF (Single Phase), 5 hp Floating Decorative Aerators or Fountains are ideal for large ponds or whenever several large patterns are preferred.

The Kasco 5.3JF and 5.1JF Floating Aerating Fountains really are unique for their size, because they come standard with 6 nozzles that are interchangeable and you can use with no nozzle at all which gives you 7 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS AT THE PRICE OF JUST ONE! The 7 patterns vary from 26 feet in height to 50 feet in diameter. Having 7 different fountain patterns gives you the flexibility to modify the aerating fountain so it fits the pond, varying weather conditions, and your personal tastes.

Kasco's 5.3JF and 5.1JF Floating Aerating Fountains work great for adding oxygen and improving the aeration for your lake or pond. The 5.1JF Fountain comes in the 60Hz model, 240V single phase. While the 5.3JF comes in the 3 phase 60Hz, 208/240V model.

The Kasco 5.1JF Includes These 6 Nozzles:

This product is available right now with our BRAND NEW Premium Nozzles which make very Dramatic Displays.

The 5.1JF Floating Aerating Fountain includes a control panel that is GFCB protected. This C-95 Control Panel has a Timer, and a 120V GFI Protected Electrical Outlet for Lights. It also features a Photo Eye for lighting operation. Kasco highly recommends that only licensed electricians install the C-95 Panel and allelectrical wiring for the 5.1JF Fountain in order to correctly hard-wire it into the control panel.

The 5.3JF comes with a user friendly, 3 phase, (model CF-3235) control panel that is GFI protected. These control panels have all of the best features for your convenience. The (non-metallic) UL-508A, 4x/3r panel has a 3 phase rated personal protection with a GFI trip level of 5ma. The motor starter has lightning/surge protection, an adjustable overload, 2 time clocks (24 hour) - 1 for the lights and 1 for the unit, and also a Hand-Off control switch. Some other features include input terminals for field installation interlock, terminal block with angled field wiring for easy installation, and complete start up instructions that have a wiring diagram on the door. Licensed electricians need to install these control panels.

If you want to add a wonderful touch of elegance at night to this stunning fountain display then try adding a couple of LR-375 Low Voltage Lighting Kits to the 5.3JF or 5.1JF. These LR-375 Low Voltage Lighting Kits come with three bronze, (machined) lighting fixtures that have MR-16 (75 watt) Halogen bulbs for each fixture. The Lighting Kit has a built-in transformer, so all you need to do is plug it right into the panel. Three MR-16 (clear) bulbs are included in every LR-375 Lighting Kit, but you can also select other optional colors such as Yellow, Blue, Green or Red. Additional brackets are available for adding brighter lights to the two LR-375 Lighting Kits. This is recommended for high light pollution areas.


  • Several Patterns in One Single Unit: The unit is easy to custom-configure for all of your needs and personal preferences.
  • Efficient / Lower Power Use: Features a very high efficiency design and style for lower power consumption compared to other competing units. Operating expenses over the total lifespan of the unit will be reduced. Has 20 running amperes on the 240 volt single phase circuit for low operating expenses. The 16 amperes on the 208/240V circuit also has low operating expenses.
  • Clog Resistant: The unique design of the water-deflecting nozzle offers you the most effective clog-resistant nozzle that is available on the market. Can operate in shallow water, approximately 26 inches.
  • Durable Motor: Hard-face inner mechanical seal along with an external lip seal that is an environmentally friendly design that provides protection against leakages. Seals are made with silicone carbide which have a longer life. For exceptional heat dissipation the unit is lubricated with flood oil.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Exceptional reliability in corrosive or salt-water environments. All of the float, external metal motor, and hardware parts are made of stainless steel material and have sacrificial zinc anode protection.
  • Low Maintenance: Motor housing only has to be cleaned a couple of times a year. Sacrificial zinc anode only needs to be replaced when corrosion is visible.
  • Fully Tested: Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) listed. Compliant with all of the Safety Standards required by the CSA and UL.
  • Ships Easily: By way of UPS in four or five boxes (lights require an additional box.)
  • Dependable: Comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Cord Length Selections: The power cord lengths are: of 100 foot, 150 foot, 200 foot, 250 foot, 300 foot, or 400 foot (500 foot power cords are available as a special order.) All are SOOW or SJTOW underwater rated. Also, includes three 50 foot braided nylon ropes for mooring.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.