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5HP Kasco 5.1JF - 230v Decorative Pond Fountain

Item #: 51JF100
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5HP Kasco 5.1JF Decorative Pond Fountain

Kasco's 5.3JF and 5.1JF Floating Fountains give you a perfect combination of stunning water displays as well as adding oxygen to your pond or lake to provide improved aeration.

The 5.3JF and 5.1JF Include 7 fountain spray patterns all are named after different trees; Birch, Juniper, Linden, Redwood, Sequoia, Spruce and Redwood.  These spectacular fountain patterns range from 26 feet high to 50 feet wide. They can be custom configured to meet your personal tastes.

The 5.3JF and 5.1JF  are designed to be highly efficient. You can expect lower operating expenses over the unit’s lifespan and lower consumption of power when compared to the competition.

With a durable motor, resistance to corrosion and all-round low maintenance you can guarantee that you will be able to spend the time enjoying your fountain rather than having to fix it.

For peace of mind, these USA manufactured fountains come with a five-year warranty and meet all the required safety standards

If you want to get even more satisfaction from your fountain consider adding a fountain light package. You can carry on enjoying the delights of your fountain in the evening and nighttime with a stunning light and water display.

  208-240V, single and three phase options (call for pricing)

  5HP operates in as little as 26 in. of water

  Control panels feature human-rated GFCI protection




Check this Kasco owner’s manual pdf for tech specification