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Easypro Fan Jet Nozzle - Living Water Aeration

Easypro Fan Jet Nozzle

Item #: FJ1
OUR PRICE: $120.00
EasyPro introduces a line of bronze nozzles designed for use in architectural fountains and pools.  These nozzles are solid cast bronze and cost a fraction of other similar nozzles.  Next to the GPM figure listed is the amount of head pressure created by the nozzle.  The pump used will need to deliver the GPM shown at the foot of head shown.

The fan jet nozzle produces a solid fan shaped spray.  Ideal when used at a 45ï¾° angle around the perimeter of a pool or fountain.  Best used in a wind-free area to maintain spray pattern.  Looks best when used in multiples.  Available in 1" inlet only.