Collection: Basalt Columns

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Collection: Basalt Columns

Real Basalt Columns, Individual & 3 Piece Sets - Real basalt columns can be a beautiful accessory to any landscaping feature. Available in multiple heights and varying widths when fitted with an appropriate pump water will cascade down the polished outer surfaces of the columns. LED lighting can be added to create an action-packed addition to your landscape or patio. They can be in a single column format or in groups of three. Lighting for these columns are also available for a single column or for a group of three.

Large 35’’ Sloped Real Basalt Colunn
- This heavy weight column is recommended for use with a 200 gallon per hour pump and the water overflows the top it is sent downward in a single direction. Ideally it can be placed over a bed of stones using two or more cement blocks to add to its security.  The column’s core is drilled for a water line with the top drilled larger to accept LED lighting to add to the effects.

Real Basalt Fountain Kits - Basalt fountain kits with a single column or in groups of three come complete with everything that is needed to provide you with a professional installation. Kits include the appropriate sized water pump for the size of the kit chosen as well as all required tubing for the water. Lighting is also included in these kits to allow for a quick installation of day or night fountain displays.


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