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Eco-Series Sonata Waterfall Filter

Eco-Series Sonata Waterfall Filter

Item #: WF18E
OUR PRICE: $233.99

Eco-Series Sonata Waterfall Filter

The Eco-Series Sonata Waterfall Filter is the ideal product if you have a pond up to 1800 gallons in volume. If you have a waterfall, the specialized waterfall filters are a much better idea than the plain pond filter - they work better with the flow of water produced by the waterfall - both aerating the pond, removing debris, and helping to maintain natural bacteria that remove harmful algae and toxins out of the water.

It’s also easy to install by yourself - it’s designed to be put together with no tools and no fuss. In fact, parts of it are already pre-installed and don’t require extra tinkering - like the bulkhead fitting and the pre-filled filters. The Sonata Waterfall Filter is one of the most user-friendly products out there because of its effectiveness, bio-friendliness, and ease of use.

This unit is compact at 22” L x 25” W x 21” H. The maximum flow rate is 50 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). The waterfall opening is 18” wide.

What’s included:

  • Two filter pads
  • Two bags of media
  • Sonata Waterfall Filter

People often buy these replacement parts: Media refill bags, Eco-Series Sonata Waterfall Filter Lid (sold separately) and the Sonata Filter Pad.