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Eco Series Vortex Solids Filter

Eco Series Vortex Solids Filter


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Product Description

This solids filter will greatly reduce cleaning of any waterfall filter box! Cleaning the filter pads at the bottom of any waterfall filter is hard and dirty work. Left undone, the pads plug and the water goes around the pad unfiltered back to the pond. The Vortex Solids Filter (VSF) is a prefilter that removes a majority of these solids from the water prior to the waterfall filter where biological filtration occurs.

How it works:

Incoming water enters the VSF at a slight downward angle. The heavier solids are pushed to the outside and directed towards the bottom by the grooves in the outer wall. A drain port makes for easy cleaning of the solids that accumulate in the cone shaped sediment area at the bottom of the filter. The water then flows through a filter pad at the top of the filter (where it is easier to clean). After the fine solids are taken out, the water then flows
via gravity out thru three air entrainment ducts, which enrich the water with oxygen.

  • The Vortex Solids Filter should sit within 4' of the waterfall filter
  •  Maximum flow rate is 4500 GPH
  •  Measures 36" high by 23" in diameter at base
  • Greatly improves waterfall filters performance by reducing solids and improving oxygen levels