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Valved outlet Assembly (5 Outlets)

Valved outlet Assembly (5 Outlets)

Item #: ERP5V
OUR PRICE: $176.99

Secret To Pond Excellence

This valved outlet assembly allows you to operate five pond diffusers with the use of a rocking piston compressor. This way, you’ll have an easier time controlling the air flow to diffusers. The 2 feet hose makes it possible to dissipate the heat before air tubing connections. The ⅜” air inlets are designed for use with a ⅜” outlet compressor. To make it easier for users to remove it from the compressor quickly, there is a swivel union. The ⅜” fitting at the end of the outlet hose accepts poly and weighted tubing. There is also a pressure relief valve that in the case of an airline being clogged or blocked, protects the compressor. This Valved Outlet Assembly has 5 outlets, though if you only need 3 or 1, then check our other products. If you want to learn more about our products, then feel free to ask us any questions! We are here to help you.