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Soundproofing for Post Mounted Lockable Cabinet (sound proofing only, not a cabinet)

Item #: sc18su
OUR PRICE: $95.00
When you order your deluxe pond aeration system you will be surprised by how quite it is. The noise level is inbetween <60dB - <70dB depending on the compressor size (see below). That is about the same noise level as a dishwasher.

However, even though we consider these units to be quiet, noise is something that is very subjective and if you want to further muffle the sound of your aeration system we are offering this soundproofing kit, fully installed with your aeration system. Just add this item to your cart when purchasing your pond aeration system and we will add it to your order.

Noise Chart

Model #
Noise Level
SRC25 (1/4 HP Rocking Piston Compressor)
<60 dB
SRC50 (1/2 HP Rocking Piston Compressor)
<65 dB
SRC75 (3/4 HP Rocking Piston Compressor )
<70 dB