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RA1 - Kasco RobustAire Pond Aeration System

RA1 - Kasco RobustAire Pond Aeration System


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Product Description

Aerates Ponds up to 1 Acre
Max Depth Recommended Pond Size
5-8 feet  1/4 Acre
8-12 feet 1/2 Acre
12-50 feet 1 Acre

Kasco Robust Aire Aerator Kit: Pond Aeration Solution

Introducing the Kasco RobustAire aerator kit, a high-performance aeration system designed for ponds ranging from 8 to 50 feet in depth. This efficient and reliable solution enhances water quality by oxygenating water, reducing unpleasant odors, nutrient levels, and muck accumulation, creating a healthier environment for fish, plants, and those around the pond.

Efficient and Safe Aeration

The Kasco RobustAire diffuser operates with minimal pressure, generating fine air bubbles and covering large areas with low power consumption. Its raised design allows for optimal performance, while the secure tubing and check valve with Viton seals ensure safety and durability. With no electricity required in the water, this aerator is safe for use in swimming ponds and offers an unobstructed view.

Low-Maintenance and User-Friendly

Featuring a rocking piston compressor that requires less maintenance than other compressors, the Kasco RobustAire aerator kit allows for most maintenance tasks to be carried out onshore or remotely. The large filters on compressors come with a maintenance indicator, alerting users when cleaning is needed.

What is Included

  • 1/4 HP Techeaire Compressor
  • 100' 3/8" Weighted Airline
  • (1) RobustAire Air Diffuser
  • Optional Cabinet (Post Mount or Base Mount)
  • Optional Remote Valve Manifold (allowing installations long distances from power source)

Customizable Cabinet Options

  • No-Cabinet (1-3 diffusers)
  • Post Mount Cabinet (1-3 diffusers)
  • Base Mount Cabinet (1-3 diffusers)
  • Medium Cabinets (4-6 diffusers)
  • Large Cabinet (7-12 diffusers)

Contact us to get professional advice on selecting the ideal cabinet option for your needs and expectations.

Common Applications

  • Backyard ponds & lakes
  • Industrial
  • Mixing
  • Winterkill prevention
  • Waterfowl protection

Key Features

  • Designed for depths 8 ft. and deeper
  • 34% quieter than previous models
  • No electricity required in the water
  • Speeds up organic decomposition
  • Creates open water, preventing ice damage
  • Designed for continuous operation


  • Compressor: 3 years
  • Tubing: 15 years
  • Diffuser: Lifetime
  • Cabinet: Lifetime