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Kasco 6 LED Light Fountain Lighting Kit

Kasco 6 LED Light Fountain Lighting Kit

Item #: LED6C11050
OUR PRICE: $1,869.00

Fountain lighting kit

  • A “warm” light from an LED that makes a natural glow.
  • Quality materials are non- corrosive and salt-water ready
  • Compact fixture installs on Kasco’s full line (1/2-7.5 HP) of fountains
  • Available in sets of 3 or 6 light fixtures
  • Each fixture includes a waterproofconnector, allowing for individual replacement of fixtures in the field.
  • Includes 6 color choices (white, blue, amber,red, green, pink)

Less Expensive Price and Lower Cost of Operation
  • Kasco’s LED lights offer the best value and are less expensive than comparable halogen and other LED alternatives on the market.
  • Efficient operation at only 9 watts of power consumption per fixture.

Long Life & Reduced Maintenance
  • Permanently sealed fixtures with bulb life of 50,000 hours.
  • Less heat produced reduces cleaning of lenses from mineral and film deposits.
  • No bulb expense, no gaskets, and no labor involved in yearly bulb replacement.

This is a double set of the LED-3125 for a total of 6 lights including light brackets and the additional float brackets needed for installing on any 2HP to 7.5HP. The complete set includes everything you need to attach and use on these larger fountains and floats for a dramatic lighted display. .