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Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Maintenance Kit

Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Maintenance Kit

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Product Description

OWS Windmill Maintenance Kit

The OWS Windmill Maintenance Kit fits any Outdoor Water Solutions windmill with its patent-pending BalCam I or II Technology.

Each kit includes a high-quality Garlock replacement diaphragm, two umbrella valves, a washer, and an “O” ring. Installation instructions are also included.

Kits should be purchased and installed every 4-6 years, depending on operating conditions to ensure continued performance.

Why is windmill maintenance essential?

You want to ensure your windmill aeration system has the most extended life, so you need to take proper care of it. Just as you would with any other hardworking machine, you have to perform maintenance in order to ensure it continues to work for a long time. An Outdoor Water Solutions windmill is designed to last for decades with proper care. We have developed a maintenance kit that works with any of our BalCam I or II technology windmills to protect your investment.

This is a maintenance kit you can install on your own. The kit comes with simple instructions. Additionally, there is no need to put off your windmill maintenance out of fear of the complicated or unknown. The kit includes everything we recommend you change out, and we recommend that you install this maintenance kit every 4-6 years. We recommend changing this kit before the peak of your season. While this kit includes instructions for changing all the relevant parts, if you run into any issues, you can contact us for help! Just like you would not wait to get the oil changed on your car, don’t wait until your windmill fails to change the maintenance kit.

The Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Kit includes:

  • A high-quality Garlock replacement diaphragm
  • Two umbrella valves
  • A washer
  • An “O” ring
  • Installation Instructions