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Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Freeze Control

Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Freeze Control

Item #: FCU0039
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The freeze control option is recommended whenever the windmill is located away from the pond's edge. Anytime air is compressed, condensation is created and can accumulate in the pipeline. During freezing weather this condensation can freeze and stop the windmill from working. The freeze control option constantly checks line pressure. If the line starts to freeze, the control valve opens and feeds Ethanol alcohol (or Rubbing alcohol) into the line which melts the ice. Then the valve closes and normal operation resumes. Strongly recommended on air windmills that are not located directly by the pond. Our freeze control tank is designed to keep your airline open year around. On occasion, especially in areas subject to freezing temperatures, condensation can form in your airline and restrict the airflow. The freeze control unit is designed to release a small amount of alcohol ( ISOPROPYL - YOU CAN GET IT AT ANY FARM, POND OR FEED STORE ) into the line when a constriction occurs, allowing the line to clear.

Installation Instructions: Install the 90 degree elbow to the top of the freeze control tank. Note Teflon tape is recommended for all fittings. Attach the brass hose barb to the left side of the pressure relief valve. Attach included pressure relief valve to the bottom of the freeze control tank. Attach tank to the tower legs approximately 4' off of the ground. Connect the airline coming down the windmill tower into the left side of the pressure relieve valve. Attach the included 6" piece of tubing to the right side of the PRV as shown. Attach the poly "T" and connect the other two hoses as shown (the 24" piece going to the top 90 degree elbow.

We recommend filling the tank 1⁄2 - 2/3 full of 95% proof Isopropyl Alcohol which is available at most farm stores or Veterinary supply stores. Note: If installing a freeze control system on a windmill or electric aerator with multiple airlines and air stones, we recommend attaching the freeze control unit to the windmill and plumbing it into the system before the the lines are split If installing on an electric aerator, you can attach it to a fence post, piece of rebar or any other mounting stake.