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Scott Aerator Jet Stream Fountain

Scott Aerator Jet Stream Fountain

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Product Description

Pond Fountain Sizing Chart
Motor Size Rec. Pond Size Min. Depth
1/2 HP 1/2 Acre 36 Inches
1 HP 1 Acre 44 Inches
1.5 HP 1.5 Acre  50 Inches
3 HP 2.5 Acre (+) 60 Inches

Elevate your landscape with the breathtaking spectacle of the Scott Aerator Jet Stream Pond Fountain. Available in 1/2 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, and 3 HP models, this fountain is designed to suit any water feature, delivering a powerful display that soars up to 80 feet in the air.

Spectacular Vertical Displays for Every Scale

The Jet Stream Fountain is renowned for its ability to create a tight, columnar, vertical spray, turning any pond or lake into a dynamic centerpiece:

  • 1/2 HP Model: Perfect for small to medium water features, producing a vibrant stream up to 20 feet high and pumping 60 gallons per minute.
  • 1 HP Model: Enhances larger ponds with a majestic spray reaching 35 feet and a robust 70 gallons per minute flow.
  • 1.5 HP Model: Creates a stunning visual impact with a flume soaring up to 50 feet and moving 90 gallons per minute, ideal for spacious settings.
  • 3 HP Model: The ultimate in fountain technology, blasting water up to 80 feet high and circulating 170 gallons per minute for the most dramatic displays.

Engineered for Environmental Stewardship

True to Scott Aerator’s commitment to sustainability, the Jet Stream Fountain features a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, ensuring eco-friendly operation. Its construction not only preserves your aquatic environment but also offers unmatched durability and ease of maintenance.

Customizable Features to Enhance Your Experience

Adapt the Jet Stream to your aesthetic preferences with optional LED lighting kits, which can be added upon purchase or retrofitted as desired. These lights transform the fountain’s evening display into a glowing spectacle of light and water.

Safe, Reliable, and Built to Last

Every Jet Stream Fountain is manufactured in the USA, adhering to the highest standards of quality and backed by an unconditional 5-year motor warranty. Each unit is equipped with a long, durable cable and requires GFCI compliance for safety. The fountain is ARL tested and approved to meet the rigorous requirements of UL and the National Electric Code, ensuring it is as safe as it is stunning.

Key Specifications for Optimal Performance

  • Saltwater and Freshwater Compatibility: Perfect for any setting.
  • Anchor Requirements: Two weights or concrete blocks required for stable anchoring (not included).
  • Continuous Operation: Designed to run 24 hours a day with no maintenance needed.
  • Depth Requirements: Operates in a minimum of 36 inches of water, with deeper models accommodating up to 64 inches.

Transform Your Landscape with the Jet Stream Fountain

Choose the Scott Aerator Jet Stream Pond Fountain for a water feature that combines dramatic flair with practical functionality. Whether enhancing a private pond or embellishing a large lake, the Jet Stream Fountain stands above the rest as a symbol of beauty and environmental responsibility. Order now to start your journey towards creating a truly iconic water display.