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1/2 HP Aqua Fountain

1/2 HP Aqua Fountain

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Product Description

If you’re looking for a beautiful park fountain effect on a larger pond or lake, the 1/2 HP Aqua-Fountain is a powerful product at an affordable price. It’s a stable, powerful floating fountain that works perfectly in deep water and can be easily anchored in place. It’s preassembled and ready to go when you make your purchase. No complicated assembly required, just choose your nozzle, set the timer, and anchor it in place. 

Aqua-Fountain is heavy-duty, designed to keep going. They have a tough, long-lasting motor, and at 115-volt units, it’s an energy saver. If you wish to operate your fountain only at certain times of day or night, it comes with an easy-to-install timer and GFI panel. The 1/2 HP Aqua Fountain comes equipped with a screen, to keep out any debris or gunk.

The Aqua-Fountain comes with two nozzles for different water spray effects. The Umbrella Nozzle for a wide and slower flow, and the Rocket Nozzle for a direct, tall stream of water. The desired nozzle can be easily changed before installing your fountain and changed whenever you want to set a different mood in your pond or lake. 

There are more special effects possible with this fountain - you can order an additional light kit for beautiful nighttime illumination.