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Weed Razer, Pond Weed Rake

Weed Razer, Pond Weed Rake

Item #: WRZ09
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Weed Razer Pond Weed Rake

The Weed Razer™ can cut through pretty much any kind of rooted lake or pond in weed in minutes. Its razor-sharp stainless-steel blades form an innovative V shape that gives it the perfect position to cleanly cut through aquation vegetation sheering them at their base to stop extra drag.

Constructed from aluminum and galvanized steel for durability and longevity the rake is easy to assemble and use. For improved performance, the Weed Razer™ now comes standard with the Weed Deflector™.

The Weed Razer™ is really simple to use;

Secure the rope and remove the blade covers.

You then need to toss the Weed Razer to the area required using an underhand motion, its easy to throw as the rake weighs under 8lbs.

Wait for the Weed Razer to sink to the bottom.

As you retrieve the Weed Razer it will clear a path of around 48 inches. Most rooted aquatic weeds will float to the surface once they are cut with a rake and you will need to remove them from the water. If the Weed Razer comes back with too many weeds attached to it make sure you give the blades a sharpen.

The Weed Razer is the perfect environmentally friendly rake for removing unwanted aquatic vegetation entirely manually without the use of chemicals.

The Weed Razer® Package Includes;

  • Blade with covers
  • Rope
  • Handle
  • Weed Deflector™ 
  • Blade Sharpener

The features of excellent pond rakes for weeds:

  • If you are looking to buy a lake rake for weeds that will last you for years, then you shouldn't consider products other than those made of stainless-steel. Pond rakes will often come into contact with water, which means that if you decide to cut corners and choose a pond rake made of materials that aren't corrosion-free, the lifespan of a lake rake will be limited.
  • You will be using weed cutter regularly, which is why it is important to choose tools that are easy to assemble and use. Sure, getting rid of weeds in a lake or pond is important, but you don't want to spend a long time assembling the necessary tools.
  • Depending on the size of the pond or a lake, there might be a lot of weeds that you will need to rake. That's why apart from being durable, pond rakes should require much effort to use. Because of that, a lake rake that doesn't weight much is much preferable.

Benefits of using pond rakes

  • it doesn't involve any chemical substances that could damage the ecosystem in your pond or a lake.
  • if you get rid of weeds using pond rakes, the fish and other animals living in the water will have more nutrients
  • Can improve the aesthetic value of pond in your garden
  • Contrary to what you might think, using rakes doesn't require much effort

How to deal with weeds other than with rakes?

If the pond or a lake in your garden has too much weeds, instead of dealing with the problem directly with a rake, you could increase the population of snails or turtles. Both of those species feed on vegetation, which means that they can help your restore your pond its former beauty. This way, you wouldn't need to spend as much time using a lake rake, as the animals living in the pond would take care of this problem for you.

Alternatively, you could make sure that the pond is well aerated. Why? If you increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in a pond, you'll create healthier living conditions for the fish. Healthy ecosystem means that the population of fish will increase, and many species of fish eat pond weeds. Because of that, all the animals that live underwater would minimize the amount of work that you would have to do with a weed cutter. If you want to install an air pump in the water to create a healthier ecosystem, you should know that water aeration also has many other benefits:

  • Numerous studies have shown that mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in ponds and lakes with low levels of oxygen. If there are swarms of mosquitoes flying in your garden, then installing an air pump in the water could help you decrease the magnitude of this problem. If you ensure that the water is well-aerated, the number of snails and fish in the pond will increase, and they will eat mosquito larvae in the water.
  • Aeration of the water is also crucial if you want to avoid the build-up of muck at the bottom of the pond. It is especially a problem in the case of larger bodies of water, where there is not much oxygen in the lower levels. As a consequence, fish waste and leaves will start gathering at the bottom of the pond, creating an unsightly muck. If you ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the pond or a lake, you won't have to deal with this problem, as the process of decomposition will be much quicker.
  • If the water quality in your pond is questionable, you might actually smell the problem first before you see the effects. That's because dissolved oxygen helps water get rid of the gases that are produced when the organic waste at the bottom of the pond decomposes. If you install an air pump, there won't be any foul smells coming from the water.