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AirPro Deluxe Pond Aerator Kit - 1/2 to 1 Acre Ponds

AirPro Deluxe Pond Aerator Kit - 1/2 to 1 Acre Ponds


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Product Description

Aerates Ponds up to 1 Acre
Max Depth Recommended Pond Size
5-8 feet  1/4 Acre
8-12 feet 1/2 Acre
12-50 feet 1 Acre

Providing you have adequate depths, this model can aerate ponds up to 1 ½ acres. It will eliminate unpleasant smells from dissolved gases, increase oxygen level that’s necessary for fish and plants to thrive, and control the growth of algae.

This best-selling aerator has the rocking piston compressors capable of operating as deep as to 50’. It’s quite a small, but efficient model that can help you reduce organic bottom muck and it’s 100% safe because there’s no electricity in the water and all circuits are protected.

The other upside of this Living Water Aeration unit is its ability to de-ice during wintertime. The only maintenance it requires is the replacement of piston cups (every 3 to 5 years) and regular cleaning of the inlet air filter on your compressor with some water and soap.

The max depths are 5-8 feet for a ¼ acre pond, 8-12 feet for ½ acre pond, 12-18 feet for 1 acres pond and 18-20 feet for 1 ½ acres pond. The deeper it is, the less air volume is required for the proper aeration.

Its efficiency depends on a pond. One kit works best in circular, square and oval ponds, so if your pond is long and narrow, you may need more than one, so it’s a good idea to consult with us before you make any purchase.

Features include:

  • Large cabinet with fan & oil pressure gauge
    1/4 HP Stratus Rocking Piston Compressor 70db
  • 100' - 3/8'' weighted tubing 
  • Air diffuser with check valve and diffuser base 
  • Fittings and clamps
  • Acts  as a de-icer during the winter
  • 2.3 CFM
  • 1.7 amps @115v 
  • 0.9 amps @230v
  • 50' max operating depth
  • ADD $100 Soundproofing