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Otterbine Giant 25 HP Triad Fountain

Item #: OBGT-25-460
OUR PRICE: $30,089.44
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A Touch Of Elegance

Otterbine’s giant fountains have been specifically designed to impress - and they do that splendidly. That’s why places like amusement parks, big corporate headquarters, and resorts choose these models. 

It was designed by experts in the field to ensure the high quality and durability of the fountain. With the minimum maintenance, you can expect your unit to serve you for years.

This beautiful and versatile decoration has been electrically safety tested, it operates in rather shallow waters without sacrificing its height and pattern abilities, and can come with the lighting package that will add up even more to your already outstanding landscape. You can also adjust the floatation level to your needs and likings, and minimize float visibility in the water.

The wheeled launching system makes it unnecessary to engage cranes in the installation. It’s possible to upgrade your unit to 316 st/st if you want to put it in the brackish or salty water.

This modern, yet classically reliable model doesn’t require any routine maintenance. You only need to clean the screen when it gets clogged. And be sure to remove it from water for the winter.

It’s also better to engage an electrician to install the unit to avoid any danger. If you have more questions, we are here to answer them for you.


60Hz  10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (ft) Upper: 36
Middle: 18
Lower: 8
Upper: 40
Middle: 20
Lower: 10
Upper: 50
Middle: 26
Lower: 12
Spray Diameter (ft) Upper: 0.5
Middle: 33
Lower: 33
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 37
Lower: 37
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 42
Lower: 42
GPM 300 390 500