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Otterbine Fountain Glow MR16 Low Voltage LED Pond Lighting - 6 Light Kit

Item #: MR16-6
OUR PRICE: $1,892.19

There’s just something about the fountains illuminated during the night that takes your breath away. It’s almost like you are in a different world. Thanks to Otterbine LED Low Voltage Light Systems, you can recreate this effect even in your backyard.

You might think that while doing it, you will need to spend quite a lot of money on electricity bills. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as the sets are very energy efficient - each lamp pulls no more than 0.1 Amps.

What many people will certainly appreciate is the fact that the product was manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. What does it mean in practice? Thanks to that, the lights are able to work even in brackish or effluent conditions.

While buying this light set, not only will you receive a quality product, but also a 1-year comprehensive warranty, which covers the lights, transformer, cable and power control center. That way, if anything happens, you can contact one of the Otterbine Service Centers or Otterbine directly.

When it comes to safety, the product complies with UL1838, while the products for the European Union carry a third party, independent CE mark.

Shall you have any questions, we are at your disposal - just give us a call.

Lights (6.5W LED) 2* 2 4 6 8** 12** 16**
Amp Draw  .15 .18  .35 .53 .7 1.06 1.44
Output Electrical Rating  12VDC 15VDC  15VDC  15VDC  15VDC  15VDC  15VDC
Max Cable Run (16/2) 150ft (46m) 650ft (198m) 325ft (99m) 225ft (69m) 325ft (99m) 225ft (69m) 325ft (99m)
Max Cable Run (12/3) 300ft (91m) 1000ft (305m) 700ft (213m) 525ft (160m) 700ft (213m) 525ft (160m) 700ft (213m)
Lamp Options (Lumens) 2 4 6 8** 12** 16**
Bright White (5700K) 970 1,940 2,910 3,880 5,820 7,760
Warm White (3000K) 700  1,400  2,100  2,800  4,200  5,600

installation manual

PDF Download: Parts List with Exploded Views