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Otterbine Omega Floating Pond Fountain

Otterbine Omega Floating Pond Fountain


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Otterbine Omega Floating Pond Fountain

The Otterbine Omega Floating Pond Fountain delivers both function and elegance. consisting of 8 nozzles this decorative aeration fountain creates a stunning and intricate arch-like spray pattern.

The Omega can operate in just 30 inches of water and all the spray patterns in this line can be interchanged. Actually, if for some reason you aren’t enamored with the pattern it can be traded for another, on the house!

The spray dimensions depend on the horsepower provided but are as follows;

  • 1HP 8ft spray height x 10 ft spray diameter
  • 2HP 11ft spray height x 16ft spray diameter
  • 3HP 15ft spray height x 21ft spray diameter
  • 5HP 18ft spray height x 22ft spray diameter

As well as providing beautiful aesthetic appeal to your pond the Omega fountain will provide an excellent aeration solution introducing oxygen into the water. This will control algae growth, nasty odors, mosquito breeding and unwanted aquatic plants that all thrive in stagnant water.

The package comes complete and little assembly is needed, just two ½ inch [13mm] wrenches or sockets are required. The power control center that comes with a timer, surge arrester and GFCI  will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

A comprehensive 5-year warranty is offered for the Omega aerating fountain that includes the unit, the panel, and cable.