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Otterbine Giant 25 HP Supernova Fountain

Otterbine Giant 25 HP Supernova Fountain

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Product Description

A Touch Of Elegance

Otterbine’s Supernova Fountains are a part of giant fountains collection, and the 25HP model really is one of the biggest fountains on the market. Being able to reach heights of 95 feet (27 metres) and to operate in shallow (1 metre) waters, it’s the perfect product for any kind of a big space which needs something decorative that will catch people’s eye. 

The complete package includes the unit, fibreglass power control centre, and a cable, but if you wish, you can extend it with some optional items, like wind controls, soft start, Sub-monitor motor controls that increase your motor’s life or LED light sets for an even more impressive effect.

All parts are made of brass, stainless steel or thermoplastics, but it’s possible to upgrade the unit so that it’s capable of working in brackish or salty water without getting damaged. Unique wheeled launching system eliminates the need for hoists and cranes during installation. 

Apart from that, with this model, you are able to minimize the float visibility in the water thanks to the high-density polyethene float.

What’s more, Otterbine’s Supernova fountain is low maintenance; only the screen needs unclogging once in a while, plus, all these units have a removable screen so it’s possible to clean them in place. Remember to take it out of water for winter, though.

There’s also a 2-year warranty on this line, but you can extend it to 3 years by buying Sub-monitor motor control option.

60Hz  10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (ft) 55 70 95
Spray Diameter (ft) 1 1 1
GPM 225 350 400