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Otterbine Giant 10 HP Triad Fountain

Otterbine Giant 10 HP Triad Fountain

ITEM #: OBGT-10-208

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Product Description

A Touch Of Elegance

The line of Otterbine’s giant fountains has been designed by field experts to work best in the shallow waters without sacrificing any of its wonderful patterns and impressive heights. It’s a must-have for everyone who needs to get people’s attention to water - this product will certainly help you achieve that.

It’s reliable and functional thanks to the experts who worked on this product, and it’s admired by all industry people, including landscape architects, as it links functionality with splendid looks. 

The floatation level and float visibility in the water are adjustable, it’s possible to upgrade the unit so it can run in salty walters without the risks of being completely damaged by corrosion, and it’s all safely tested. 

You can choose it to come with the LED light sets to make it look even more stunning when it’s dark. It also may include wind controls, soft start and motor controls for increased motor life.

Remember the 2-year warranty (extendable to 3) and clean the screen from time to time to unclog it. It’s also important to remove the unit from water when the winter comes. Don’t let it freeze or it will get damaged. Plus, use the services of a certified electrician to help you with the installation. Thanks to wheeled launching systems, you won’t need any cranes for this.


60Hz  10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (ft) Upper: 36
Middle: 18
Lower: 8
Upper: 40
Middle: 20
Lower: 10
Upper: 50
Middle: 26
Lower: 12
Spray Diameter (ft) Upper: 0.5
Middle: 33
Lower: 33
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 37
Lower: 37
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 42
Lower: 42
GPM 300 390 500



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