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Otterbine Giant 15 HP Supernova Fountain

Item #: OBGS-15-208
OUR PRICE: $22,131.83
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A Touch Of Elegance

We all know how important the first impression is and that’s why we decided to create the Giant Fountain line. Landscape architects very often choose Otterbine’s Giant Supernova Fountains whenever they need a feature that will focus everyone’s attention. Whether it’s an enormous garden, a public park, a resort or corporate headquarters, you can be sure that Supernova fountain will be stunning and eye-catching.

It’s able to reach the height of 95 feet (27 feet) and its horizontal platform allows it to work in very shallow reservoirs - even in 40 inches (1 meter) of water. Thanks to its corrosion resistance and the possibility of a 316 st/st upgrade, it’s able to withstand operating in more brackish conditions.

This efficient model is also easier to handle and install. A unique wheeled launching system improves its mobility and eliminates the absolute necessity of hoists and cranes use during installation.

It’s no wonder that it’s so highly-desired - this system allows you to adjust the float visibility in the water. 

Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of regular maintenance, only unclogging and cleaning the screen when the need arises. 

Remember your 2-year warranty (extendable to 3 if you buy Sub-Monitor motor control option as well) and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product Specifications: Super Nova 

60Hz  10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (ft) 55 70 95
Spray Diameter (ft) 1 1 1
GPM 225 350 400