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Pro-Series 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

Pro-Series 1/2" Brass Fill Valve


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Product Description

Pro-Series 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

The WFS50 Pro-Series ½ inch Brass Fill Valve helps replace water that is lost from evaporation or splash in ponds and waterfalls or in other water feature applications. Suitable for use in vaults, skimmers, and also water fill boxes to maintain water levels.

The Heavy-duty WFS50 is far better than the standard fill valves made of plastic. With its high-quality brass body and rods, this is a fill valve that won’t let you down.

To fit your exact requirements the valve rod or arm of the fill valve is fully adjustable.

While the WFS50 Pro-Series 1/2" Brass Fill Valve comes with an included plastic float you have the option to upgrade to a 4" x 5" copper float.

The WFS50 fill valve comes with a brass valve, brass rod, a plastic float, as well as the fittings to connect it to irrigation tubing.

The flow rating is 12.5 GPM  at 15 psi, 17.5 GPM at 35 psi.

35 psi is the maximum water pressure recommended.

The Brass Fill Valve for easy connection Includes a 1/2" Bulkhead fitting and a 1/2" Barbed connector.

Investing in a brass fill valve will ensure it lasts longer and won’t leak, plastic might be cheaper but in the long run, you’ll realize that the high-quality of brass will provide the durability and strength needed to stand the test of time.